Where is First Class Filmed? Netflix Show Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘First Class’ isA reality show that gives a glimpse into the lives of heterogeneous friends. Barcelona. WhileThis group includes people of all fields, including designers, journalists, artists and others. Their common love for parties and exclusive events, as well as the latest fashion, binds them together. MoreoverAs the portrayal isIt’s completely unscripted and rooted firmly in reality, making it some great television.

AlthoughThe show focuses on a small group of people from BarcelonaThe narrative jumps from one place to the next. BesidesThe audience is glued to the screen, as each backdrop. isEqually breathtaking. ThusIf you are curious about the filming locations, we have answers for you!

First Class Filming Locations

AsYou might not have known, Netflix’s ‘First Class’ was filmed primarily in Barcelona. HoweverThe production team also used some other beautiful locations. Spain France. Let’s take a look at each filming location in detail, shall we?

Barcelona, Spain

As ‘First Class’ follows a group of friends from BarcelonaIt was only natural that the production team would choose to use the Spanishcity as the main location. Interestingly, Barcelona isIt is known for its breathtaking architecture, stunning culture, and natural beauty. ItThis urban oasis offers a taste of the traditional and historical in a modern urban setting. ThusIt is no surprise that the city has hosted production teams for movies like ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ and ‘Perfume: The StoryA Murderer.’

For ‘First Class,’ the production team mainly followed the cast around in their daily lives but made sure to involve several of the most notable landmarks in the city. AsAs a result, scenes were shot in all parts of the city. The watch store AP was one of the most prominent locations. House Barcelona, The Gran Teatre del Liceu, Hotel MajesticThe bookstore Llibreria Byron, Orsà Palace, Restaurante Tragaluz, You can find more information atnd Sis Quartos Restaurant.

Costa Brava, Spain

Where is First Class Filmed? Netflix Show Filming Locations

Costa Brava is an incredibly breathtaking coastal region that offers vast rolling views of the sea, quaint little towns, quite a bit of historical architecture. While ‘First Class’ was filmed in several indoor and outdoor locations along the coast in Costa BravaThe region is also famous for hosting filming crews for productions like ‘The Monk,’ and ‘Perfume: The StoryA Murderer.’

Some LocationsThe SouthThis is France

Where is First Class Filmed? Netflix Show Filming Locations

As Barcelona is quite close to France’s southern border, people often travel to the foreign country for vacations as it offers a beautiful experienceThe formThis is an exquisite coastal region coupled with France’s renowned culture. Similarly, cameras follow the ‘First Class’ cast members as they travel to Toulouse in the South of France.

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