Where is Five Days at Memorial Filmed? Is New Orleans the Filming Location?

BasedOn the 2013 non-fiction book ‘Five Days at Memorial: LifeAnd DeathIn a Storm-Ravaged Hospital’ by Sheri Fink, Apple TV+’s ‘Five Days at Memorial’ isA series of disaster dramas about medical emergencies created by John RidleyAnd Carlton Cuse. Starring Vera Farmiga, Robert Pine, Molly Hager, Cornelius Smith JrAmong many others, theSeries revolve around theAftermath and difficulty the Memorial Medical CenterContinues to follow Hurricane KatrinaImpacts the city.

With theFloodwaters are rising every second the hospital’s power fails and theThe scorching heat continues to rise. TheHospital staff and caregivers in panic must do something. theThey could regret the worst decisions they made in their career. theRest of their lives. TheShowcases of biographical narrative theThe heart-breaking decisions made regarding theVictims theTragic event that is both poignant and insightful. the viewers. Moreover, theRealistic portrayal theHurricane and theInteresting use of locations makes it possible to wonder about the filming sites of ‘Five Days at Memorial.’ IfIf you are one of these curious souls, let us fill you in on everything theDetails and put all your curiosities to rest!

Five Days at Memorial Filming Locations

‘Five Days at Memorial’ was filmed in OntarioAnd LouisianaSpecifically, in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, New Orleans. ThePrincipal photography theMiniseries began in May2021 wrapped up in NovemberOf theSame year. Although theStory is set in New OrleansA majority of theShooting took place in OntarioAs theThe unit was filmed in a commendable manner. the CanadianProvince stand in for the city. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look atAll theListed below are some locations that you might find them in theMedical drama!

Toronto, Ontario

Several pivotal sequences of ‘Five Days at Memorial’ were lensed in Toronto, theCapital city of Ontario. TheProduction team establishes camp in the North York General Hospital(NYGH), specifically The Branson Ambulatory Care Centre (formerly Branson Hospital) at 555 Finch Avenue WestIn theDistrict of North York. In August 2021, theCast and crew members were spotted filming scenes in and around The Michener InstituteOf Education at 222 Street Patrick Street.

Hamilton, Ontario

ManyImportant portions of theMedical drama series were taped all over the country. Hamilton, a port in Ontario. As per reports, theA filming unit built a set on an empty location Gage Avenue NorthLot, located between Beach RoadAnd Barton Street East. York BoulevardGarage parking Bay Street SouthAnd King Street WestAlso, there were a few prominent filling places. the Vera Farmiga-starrer.

Moreover, theThe production team filmed a few sequences that were important. Hamilton Convention CentreBy Carmen’s at 1 Summers LaneAs well as the Hamilton SpectatorMcMaster purchased the building Innovation Park at 175 Longwood Road South Suite 101A. 101A. theThe helipad was built in the Flamboro Speedway at 873 5th Concession Road WestIn MillgroveSo as to be resemble theHelicopter landing pad theTop of a building. In addition, Summers LaneAnd Commonwealth Square at 80 Main Street WestBetween the Art GalleryOf HamiltonAnd Hamilton PlaceThey were covered with rubbles to show their condition. theHurricane flooding aftermath the storm-ravaged hospital.

In a late JulyInterview with 2022 Toronto Star, Carlton Cuse, theCo-creator theShow, how they managed to depict theFlooded city and hospital He said, “WeWe built a 4-million-gallon water tank in Hamilton and it was big enough to literally crane boats into it.” CoupleThis is with theAs mentioned, a constructed helipad also plays a significant role in the series. MostlyThanks to the special effects, “we made it look like it isA roof over New Orleans,” he added.

Mississauga, Ontario

ForTaping for purposes the cast and crew members of ‘Five Days at Memorial’ also made a stop in Mississauga, a city in OntarioBordering TorontoTo the east. During theThey were filming their schedule and were spotted capturing some key scenes in and around Cantay RoadAnd White Hart Lane. ApartSeveral other productions were taped from this medical drama. the city, such as ‘Enemy,’ ‘A Simple Favor,’ and ‘Station Eleven.’

New Orleans, Louisiana

LastBut not the least, the filming unit made a stop in New Orleans, a consolidated urban-parish in theThe southeast region of Louisiana. ItIt appears they traveled across theMost of the shots of city and lensed exteriors are taken against suitable backgrounds. the Apple TV+Series. Since the series is set in New OrleansIt only makes sense. theThe production team shot some scenes on location in the Crescent City.

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