Where is Former Baltimore Police Officer Today? Update

HBO’s ‘We Own This City’ follows the notorious Gun Trace Task Force(GTTF). Baltimore Police Departmentand its most corrupt members. Under Sergeant Wayne JenkinsMultiple members of the specialized law enforcement team are able to use their positions for minor and major crimes to make their own money. TheThe show shows many of these crimes in great detail and also dramatizes the subsequent investigations into the officers involved.

Episode4. In particular, the focus is on Maurice WardHis testimony regarding the (GTTF and the crimes committed there by its leader. Wayne Jenkins. ConsideringMuch of the HBO series is inspired by real people and events, let’s take a look at where the actual Maurice Ward is now.

Who is Maurice Ward?

Maurice Ward isAn ex-officer of the Baltimore Police DepartmentWho joined the Special Enforcement Section(SES team in 2015 HeAccording to reports, he was called to the squad by Wayne JenkinsThe position was readily accepted by the company.

Where is Former Baltimore Police Officer Today? Update
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Ward(pictured to the left) quickly became friends with Evodio Hendrix(pictured right), who was also a member of the unit and had stolen small sums of money in the past by using his position at police officers. WardAlthough he did occasionally skim, he soon realized that others were more like him. Wayne JenkinsThey were known to steal much more. In fact, WardLater, he claimed that he was complicit in the crimes because he wanted acceptance as a member of the group. At one point, he even threw away the money that constituted his “cut” after a raid. HeHis wife, who was also a cop, would have struggled to explain the money to him.

WardDuring many of Jenkins’ infamous crimes, including the time they confiscated about $20,000 and about 25 pounds of marijuana from a drug deal. LaterThe Sergeantgave Ward$5000 from the stolen money The same evening, JenkinsA stripper also stole money.

ThenThere was an incident. WardWhen? Jenkins had another officer shoot a video of them opening a safe in a suspect’s house and discovering $100,000 in it. ExceptThe video was a fake. JenkinsHe had already taken large sums of money from the safe, before closing it up again and making the safe appear like it had been opened the first time. ThisTime is a factor. Ward’s cut was $20,000. HoweverThe officer decided not to keep the money on his way home and disposed of the money in the wilderness near his house.

Ward HendrixEach of them were sentenced to seven-years in prison June 2018. BothFormer officers cooperated extensively in investigations, and the prosecution asked for reduced sentences in return. Ward was 36 at the time of his sentencing and tearfully stated, “I know my actions made the trust issues with the citizens even further than they were before.”

His defense attorney, Paul Enzinna,  claimed that WardHe was a reluctant participant in many robberies and noted that he had thrown away the $20,000. HeAlso, it was stated that WardHad requested a transfer from Jenkins’ unit on multiple occassions but had been denied.

Where Is Maurice Ward Now?

Maurice WardOn July 31, he was released from prison February16, 2022 with his former colleague, and conspirator. Evodio Hendrix. BothFormer police officers were released early after seven years in prison. June 2018. WardAt the time of his release, he was 42.

TheBoth of these are true Ward HendrixIt is possible that their early release was due to their cooperation with the authorities. Attorney Jeremy EldridgeThey also explained that their crimes, which mainly consisted of falsely claiming overtime pays, were less severe than those of JenkinsThe perpetrator of acts of violence against Baltimore City citizens. Thus, WardIt was released relatively quickly. DetailsHis current whereabouts are unknown, but it is not known. Ward isIt appears that the release was supervised and hails from Middle RiverIn Baltimore County.

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