Where is From Glow Up Season 4 Runner-up Today? Update

If you have ever been interested in the art of makeup or SFX, ‘Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star‘ would be right up your alley. TheA reality competition in makeup brings together talent from all over the globe and challenges them to compete for the ultimate glory in a thrilling contest. BesidesDespite being from different fields, the contestants form a close friendship while sharing their lives and taking on increasingly difficult challenges. MoreoverEach challenge leads to an elimination. The last one standing is the winner isThe winner is announced.

A promising contestant on ‘Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star’ season 4, Lisa StreetInterestingly, she revealed that her primary school teacher job has been full-time while she honed her makeup skills. MoreoverHer incredible performance throughout the season made it clear that fans were curious about her current whereabouts. WellWe have your back!

Lisa Street’s Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star Journey

HailingFrom a loving family LisaShe mentioned that she was taught from a young age to follow her dreams. HoweverFans would be shocked to know that LisaNever imagined becoming a makeup artist as a career. SheI had a great interest in the art and dreamed of becoming a professional in the field. YetThen, everything changed. LisaShe realized that rather than encouraging her students in their dreams, she should instead be encouraging them to follow her advice and do what makes you happy. HenceSince then, the amazing makeup artist has not looked back. is primarily self-taught, appearing on ‘Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star’ was just another feather in her cap.


WhileThe show will be broadcast live. LisaIt all started with a bang when she was crowned the winner in the first challenge. She proved herself to be a force to reckon with. ThroughoutShe impressed the judges with her creations, and she was even voted as one of the favorites to win the season. Subsequently, to no one’s surprise, LisaShe beat her competitors and even made it to the final 2. HoweverShe was defeated in the final challenge, and she had to finish the season as the runner up.

Where is Lisa Street Now?

FromIts looks are amazing. LisaShe was able to return to her daily life in the county EssexOnce filming is finished for the season 4 wrapped. Although she still seems to be earning a living as a primary school teacher, being on ‘Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star’ has propelled LisaIt is the spotlight! LisaLoves to share her bold creations on social networks. Interestingly, the reality star calls her self a Self-taught ShapeshifterShe appears to be a freelance makeup artist. MoreoverLast but certainly not least Lisa StreetAlso, the site has a huge following Tiktok isDedicated to achieving more success in life.

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