Where is Glow Up Season 4 2nd Runner Up Today? Update

‘Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star‘ isThis is a reality show about makeup that challenges talented artists around the world and pits them against one another in a race for glory. WhileThe contestants come from all walks and backgrounds, but they end up staying together and taking part in increasingly difficult challenges that test their talent, technique and skill. BesidesEach challenge will lead to elimination. The contestant will make it to final. isThe winner is announced.

Although Kris CannonAlthough it was a difficult start to the season for him, he soon mastered top gear and was ready to face his competition. BesidesFans became very interested in this. KrisOnce he said that he was primarily self taught and had recently moved to LondonTo further his career. ThusWith our cameras now turned off, we decided to jump to find out where the heck it was. Kris isCurrently.

Kris Cannon’s Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star Journey

Interestingly, Kris isNot a native of EnglandInstead, he was born and raised in Ireland. FromIts appearance is stunning. KrisHe is the son of a close-knit family, which encouraged him to follow his heart and push him towards his dreams. ThusBeing interested in cosmetics and makeup since a young age. KrisHe began to learn the art and became quite proficient. HoweverDespite his popularity in the United States, he is still very popular. IrelandHe wanted to grow his career and made the decision to move to EnglandIn 2021. MoreoverOnce in England, he received an opportunity to appear on ‘Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star,’ which essentially jumpstarted his career in the foreign country.

WhileOn the show Kris had a somewhat quiet beginning, as he was marked safe in most challenges but didn’t really break into the top. HoweverWith time, he started pushing himself further, and even won the judges’ approval with some of his creations. UltimatelyHis hard work paid off. KrisHe was able to reach the final by breaking into the top three. YetHis efforts in the final challenge failed to meet the requirements, and he was unable to finish the task. LondonA makeup artist based in London had to take third place.

Where is Kris Cannon Now?

Once filming wrapped, KrisHe returned to the city and seemed to have settled back into his normal routine. LondonIn England. Surprisingly, Kris prefers privacy when it comes to his personal life and hasn’t revealed much about his current whereabouts in public. HoweverSources claim that the talented makeup artist is a celebrity. isBased out of LondonAnd isCurrently, I am a specialist in SFX and makeup for monster-themed characters. FansWould be interested to learn more about his day job. Kris CannonWorks as a counter-makeup artist for the well-known brand MAC cosmetics. HoweverDetermined to take on new challenges, the reality star took up the role of resident makeup artist at The CirqueLe Soir nightclub.

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