Where is Investigative Journalist Today? Our Father Update

‘Our Father’ isA compelling documentary on true crime Netflix. DirectedBy Lucia JourdanIt follows Indiananative Jacoba BallardAs she uncovers the horrifying truth about Dr. Donald ClineHe was a retired fertility specialist who artificially inseminated many people with his own eggs during the 70s-80s. DevastatedThis news is: JacobaSets out to contact other like-minded people and isHelped by Angela Ganote, a courageous news reporter. WhileA lot has been written about it. Cline’s donor offspring, let’s find out more about how things have been for Angela.

Who is Angela Ganote?

Angela GanoteHe grew up here Brownsburg, Indiana, and graduated Indiana University. AfterAs a news reporter at WLFI, LafayetteWSBT In South Bend, and WCMH In Columbus, OhioIn 2001, she joined Fox59. While AngelaAlthough she had worked on many amazing stories, she found one that was quite unusual when she was in charge of it. May 2015, a woman who went by the name “Carrie,” approached her with a story about having found out that she was a donor baby and has seven half-siblings.

Where is Investigative Journalist Today? Our Father Update
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“I went from being an only child to having at least eight siblings overnight…I need to know if I have more siblings. I want to be able to have a close relationship with them. I would love to find out who my biological father is is,” CarrieShared with Angela. The reporter then also interviewed two of the woman’s half-sisters and published an online report in May 2015. CarrieThe name was allegedly used by Jacoba BallardShe discovered that her half-siblings and she were all donor babies with the same biological father. Dr. Donald Cline.

TheReputable IndianapolisThe fertility specialist treated Jacoba’s mother Debbie and many like her, and unbeknownst to them, had inseminated them with his own sperm instead of a standard donor’s. Thus, JacobaContact Angelavia FacebookShe provided all evidence available. ShockedThe latter was so shocked, he decided to investigate further and notified the authorities. Attorney General’s (AG) office, but when she didn’t receive a response, she then approached Marion County prosecutor Tim Delaney.

NotJust that, when Dr. ClineHe lied on the questionnaire AG sent to him. JacobaFilled a complaint AngelaWe decided to interview him in the summer 2016. As per the documentary, he allegedly tried to intimidate her with his gun during the interview and plainly stated that he didn’t believe he had fathered the children. Dr. ClineHe also said that he had just assisted families who were having difficulty conceiving. Later, Jacoba and her half-siblings’ DNA testings matched with his, it was established that he had lied about not using his sperm samples to the AG.

Dr. ClineWas charged in September2016 with two counts for felony obstruction of justice Angela’s report on the same helped many other of his donor offspring like Matthew WhitePlease identify him and come forward. HoweverDespite his horrible acts, he was still kind and compassionate. Dr. ClineDue to a lack in legislation, he was not charged with rape nor donor fraud. Indianapolis. In December2017 – He pleaded guilty and was fined $500 ShockinglyThe court was temporarily suspended Dr. Cline’s one-year sentence, considering his old age and the sympathy of the community.

Where is Angela Ganote Now?

Angela GanoteHas been working in the TV News industry for approximately 26 years. He has won four awards. EmmyFox59 awarded her for her outstanding local reporting. She isCurrently, she is a morning anchor for the channel. She continues to work hard to make the truth reach the masses. AsShe currently resides in, as far as we are aware. North Salem, IndianapolisWith her husband BraddTwo teenage children who are avid sport aficionados.

JacobaThe verdict was disappointing for her and her half-siblings, but they are grateful. AngelaThank you for your assistance with the incident. TheA brave reporter played a crucial role in uncovering the truth Dr. Cline’s reality in front of the public and helping dozens of his donor offspring get justice.

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