Where is Jamie Santos Now?

Jamie SantosI grew up in a broken household but found solace in my family. Jonathan Rivera, who was also raised in similar circumstances. The couple got married, but things weren’t the same after the birth of their son. ConstantArguments reached breaking point, eventually leading to Jonathan’s death. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Wives With Knives: Can’t Let Go’ delves into Jamie’s history and what led to the attack as she presents her side of the story. So, if you’re wondering where she might be today, here’s what we know.

Who is Jamie Santos?

As a child, Jamie SantosLiving in San Diego, CaliforniaShe was with her parents, but it was difficult growing up. On the show, she talked about her parents’ constant arguments and fights that eventually led to their divorce and her father moving out. AtThis is the point. JamieShe claimed that her mother was controlling and verbally abusive to her daughter. ThenWhile in high school, Jamiemet Jonathan RiveraThe two met as a student and quickly became friends.

JamieAnd Jonathan’s relationship went to the next level when she left home. Then, JamieMoved in with Jonathan’s family. AsThe show revealed that while things appeared to be going well at first, they were not so much later. JonathanLater, he suggested to see other people. Jamieto move back in with her mom. AtOne time, she saw him with a girl at his house. This led to an altercation between the girl & the girl.

JamieAfter that, the teenager was arrested for shoplifting and received probation. HoweverThe show reveals that she violated her probation several times before a judge ordered her to leave. Vermontto live with her father. After a short stint there, she moved back to her mother’s place and reconnected with JonathanThey eventually married and had their first child. Army reserves.

In February 2000, JamieTheir son was born. Aiden. ThingsAfter that, things started to go downhill for the couple due to money problems. AccordingTo the show JamieAlso, he was furious at JonathanOnline pornography. ThereThere were some physical fights that preceded the incident. Then, JamieHe was found out to be cheating, leading into another violent confrontation. ThisShe was stabbed at the end of time JonathanIn the leg with an instrument of violence, resulting in his death.

Where is Jamie Santos Today?

Jonathan’s sister eventually called 911, and the authorities took Jamie into custody. SheHe was initially charged with first degree murder. Jonathan’s family relented, asking the prosecution to charge her with voluntary manslaughter instead. AtThey were thinking about Aiden’s future. AsPer the show JamieBefore being released, he spent approximately three-and a half years behind bars.

Where is Jamie Santos Now?

FollowingHer release JamieRecuperated Aiden’s custody and began a new life in Massachusetts. Jonathan’s family isNot in contact with Jamieor her son, but they have hope of AidenReach out to her at some point in the future. Jamie isShe is now remarried and lives a quiet life, away from the public eye. While it’s unclear what she currently does, she talked on the show about wanting to be a good wifeAnd mother.

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  1. Jamie should have gotten the electric chair for what she did yo her husband. She should have bedn deported and hanged. Jonathan’s family shame on them for reducing the charge. Allowing a cold blooded murderer to start a new life. What world are we leaving in. She’s gone into hiding becaise she knows she is A MURDERER. shame on our justice system to put somebody like that on the streets.


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