Where is Jay Sebring’s Nephew Today? Update

In August1969, the peaceful neighborhood Benedict CanyonIn Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe world was forever changed by Sharon TateHer friends, including a hairdresser Jay Sebring, were brutally killed. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The SummerOf Manson’ focuses on how Charles MansonIn an attempt to start a race-war, his followers committed a series a murders. Anthony DiMaria, Jay’s nephew, isHe was a guest on the show and fondly remembers his uncle. So, let’s find out more about him then, shall we?

Who is Anthony DiMaria?

AnthonyWhen he was three years old, he JayIn was killed Los Angeles. AtThe time is now JayHairdresser -? was with Sharon TateThree of her ex-girlfriends and three of her other friends, namely : Back then, CharlesHis followers were convinced to kill others in order to start a war between races that would end in CharlesRise to the top. While AnthonyHe was just a boy at the time he lost JayHe had fond memories of him from his visits to their family in Las Vegas, Nevada. AnthonyHe recalled his mother explaining to him how heaven was and how he could get there. Jay wouldn’t return.

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When AnthonyWas a freshman at UniversityOf Southern California1985 was the year he discovered a book that discussed the case. However, Anthony realized that what was portrayed wasn’t accurate. HeI read several accounts of the events that night, but it was too much. Jay’s characterization was false. Anthony added, “PeopleWe wanted to know the truth. ButReporting gave way speculation, speculation gave rise to narrative, and narrative gave place to titillation, salaciousness, and both. Ultimately, it manifested today as the ‘Charlie Manson industry.’”

In 2001, Anthony decided to make a documentary about his uncle’s life as a celebrity hairstylist and not just about the murders. He interviewed family, friends, and celebrities to get a glimpse into his uncle’s life. The documentary’s shooting went on for more than a decade. ApartThe film is available here Anthonya vocal advocate for Jay’s killers not receiving parole. He said, “TheThe most they could do was to murder someone so deeply and so severely. isThey will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. UnlessEvery victim is freed from the grave and able to live the 50 years that they deserve with us and all of their loved ones; there is no closure.”

Where is Anthony DiMaria Today?

Anthony isAn actor who began acting at a young time. HeAs a student Bishop Gorman High SchoolIn Las VegasDuring his time at university, he continued to pursue his passion for acting. OverThe years have passed. Anthony landed roles in TV shows like ‘Deadwood,’ ‘The Sopranos,’ ‘CSI,’ and ‘Ray Donovan.’ HeA speaking role was also taken by him in a Woody AllenFilm released in 2016.

Where is Jay Sebring’s Nephew Today? Update
Image CreditNBC News

Jay’s death had a profound effect on Anthony. He said, “I sleep facing the bedroom door. I know that people can come in and slaughter me and the people I love.” ApartHis acting gigs include: AnthonyPart-time work at DiMaria StudioSalon, where his mother works as a hairdresser. Jay’s work involves him shuttling between Los AngelesAnd Henderson, Nevada.

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