Where is Jessica Becker Today? Update

WhenThe magnetic Corey WienekeHe was beaten to death in his rural home with an aluminum softball bat. Iowa home back in 1992, no one could’ve imagined his case would unfold the way it did. After all, as profiled on NBC’s ‘Dateline: The Black Candle Confession,’ not only did it take around 25 years for justice to be served, but it was a woman’s childhood memory that brought everything together. ThatThe woman who was the most powerful was Jessica “Jessi” Becker — so now, if you wish to learn more about her role in the matter as well as her current whereabouts, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Jessica Becker?

AsA native of a small village called West Liberty, where everyone knows one another Jessica “Jessi” BeckerBoth were well-aware Corey Wieneke Annette Hazen (now Cahill) in 1992. InIn fact, the then-9 year old was close friends with Annette’s niece Kayla HazenShe was a regular fixture at the family farmhouse, and often came over to sleepovers. “[Annette] would take us to get movies, scary movies, pizza,” JessiOnce said to clarify their connection. “She was the fun, the favorite aunt, and we spent quite a bit of time with her, too.”

AsFor Corey, Jessi described him as a “big brother” before admitting that his October13 deaths affected the long-term health of the entire community, particularly her, and because she was aware of a disturbing secret. SheShe claimed she was at a stay-over at the Hazens’ close to HalloweenWhen she and KaylaI decided to sneak downstairs only to be surprised. AnnetteUncontrollably sobbing, I lit black candles in my dining room. “CoreyI didn’t mean to hurt you. Corey, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to kill you. Corey. And Corey, I love you,” she still remembers AnnetteFollowing this, the girls raced upstairs to avoid being seen.

JessiShe later shared all of her fears with her mother, but they never went to police again in fear since then. HazensThey were not only well-respected in their area, but also one of their relatives was the Sheriff. In December 2017, though — 25 years after the fact — once the now-adult JessiShe came across a cold-case officer at the hospital where her charge nurse was working, and she decided to tell the truth. ThusThe official reopening was done by the DivisionThis is Criminal Investigation, Annette’s May2018 arrest and her final 2019 court hearing. Jessica didn’t even hesitate to give a detailed testimony to ensure justice.

Where is Jessica Becker Now?

Where is Jessica Becker Today? Update

NowThat Corey’s case has come to a satisfactory close and she doesn’t need to carry any of its weight alone, it appears as if Jessi isMoving on to the best of their abilities. She’s still evidently based in rural IowaDespite her age, she has built a comfortable life by working in the medical field for over 15 years.

FromWhat we can tell is the Mount Mercy College Allen CollegeGraduating from a university is actually a step up. Nursing AssistantTo a Registered Nursecurrently holds the post of Neurosurgery HospitalistThe UniversityThis is Iowa Health Care. JessiShe seems content with her current position, which she honestly finds admirable. isAll that matters is

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