Where is Jocelyn Earnest’s Killer Today? Update

In December 2007, Jocelyn EarnestHer body was discovered at her home. InAll signs pointed to her estranged man during the complicated investigation that followed. Wesley Earnest. TheAuthorities believed that he had set up the crime scene to appear like a suicide. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Affairs: Betrayed By LoveA LessonIn Murder’ focuses on Jocelyn’s story as the first case featured in the episode. ItThis story chronicles the end of a long investigation and two subsequent trials. Wesley being found guilty. So, if you’re curious to learn more, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Wesley Earnest?

Wesley EarnestAnd Jocelyn Denise Branham met at West Virginia UniversityHe was a math student when she was in her third year. TheyThey were able to get along and they got married in 1995. JocelynAfter graduating with a degree in business and economics, he went on to work as an economist. Genworth FinancialIn LynchburgWhile EarnestIt was the Vice PrincipalHigh school. TheyVivien Forest, VirginiaAt the time, everything seemed to be going well.

Where is Jocelyn Earnest's Killer Today? Update
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HoweverThe relationship ended in dissolution later and was over by the time JocelynThey had been separated more than two years before their murder. On December 20, 2007, JocelynThe following was found: ForestAssisted by a friend, she brought her home Marcy Shepherd. SheHad been shot in the back of her skull with a.357 gun. TheAuthorities also found what looked like a suicide letter that was printed out. FurthermoreThe thermostat was raised, making it difficult for us to estimate the time until our death.

MarcyHe was romantically involved with a woman named Judith. Jocelyn, stated she had been texting her the previous night but didn’t hear back after around 7:30 pm. MarcyThen, I went to the front door at 9:45 pm. Jocelyn’s body was only discovered the following day after MarcyShe used the spare key to let herself in. Right away, the authorities felt that it didn’t look like suicide. ThereThe evidence of movement was evident, and the angle at which the wound was opened was unusual for a selfinflicted gunshot.

WhenThe police were contacted. Jocelyn’s relationship with WesleyThey discovered that he was infidelity and the reason for the impending divorce. WesleyHad cheated on JocelynWith Shameka Wright. AccordingTo Shameka, Wesley told her that he was separated from his wife when they met, but that wasn’t true. But WesleyLater, it was claimed that JocelynHe was encouraged to sleep with other females. FurthermoreTheir disagreements over financial matters and their lakehouse property were the reason that divorce proceedings were contentious.

InThere was also no blood spatter Jocelyn’s hands, and it was determined the gun was fired at least 2 inches away from her head. TheGun belonged to WesleyIt was claimed that it was purchased by a woman named Judith. Jocelyn. ButIt was located at Wesley’s girlfriend’s house. Then, a linguist stated that the letter didn’t have Jocelyn’s writing style. TwoIt was believed that latent fingerprints discovered on it were matched Wesley. Not just that, it was confirmed that the letter wasn’t printed at Jocelyn’s home.

TheAuthorities believed that Wesley killed JocelynBy driving from Chesapeake, VirginiaAfter leaving work at 4 pm, go to the gym. December 19, 2007. He had borrowed a friend’s truck on December17, Return it in the morning December 20. AtIt is now, WesleyHis friend was sorry for the bleach stain on his car. HeThen you borrowed it again January2008, having the tires replaced. WesleyTwo tires were punctured by running over a few nails. However, the business owner who changed the tires later testified that they were in good condition and didn’t need changing.

Where is Wesley Earnest Now?

TheThat was the conviction Wesley Earnest killed JocelynFor money. Hehe was in debt, ShamekaSome of it was even paid off. TheLakehouse property, WesleyHad been paying the mortgage. The house was demolished about 15 months later. Jocelyn’s death. HeThe land was still in the family’s ownership at the end, even though they received an insurance payout. In March 2010, WesleyHe was convicted of murder after being tried.

Where is Jocelyn Earnest's Killer Today? Update

HoweverA mistrial was declared as the jurors considered evidence that the judge had not allowed. ThenIn November 2010, WesleyResubmitted to the trial. ThisThe jury convicted him of first-degree murder as well as the use of firearms during the commission of felonies. In January2011 was then 40 years-old. WesleyHe was sentenced to three years in prison and life imprisonment. RecordsIndicate that he remains in prison SussexI State PrisonIn Waverly, Virginia.

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