Where is Jose Luis Cabezas’ Wife Today? Update

WhenPhotographer Jose Luis CabezasIn was murdered January1997, authorities launched an investigation that led to their own department. Netflix’s ‘The Photographer: MurderIn Pinamar’ delves into the circumstances surrounding Jose’s death and the police finding out about a plot to have him killed. Maria Cristina Robledo, Jose’s wife, was devastated to learn of his death and fought to bring the people responsible to justice. So, if you’re wondering where she might be today, here’s what we know!

Who is Cristina Robledo?

CristinaShe was in her twenties at the time she met her first man. JoseIn Pinamar, ArgentinaIn the early 1990s. AtThe time is now JoseI was there as a photographer to cover the season. NoticiasWhile CristinaWas there to make extra money? TheThe couple quickly fell in love, and they moved in together just a few months later. TheyVivien Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFor most of the year, people move to PinamarDuring the summer.

Where is Jose Luis Cabezas' Wife Today? Update

By then, JoseAlready had two children. AgustinaAnd Juan, from a previous marriage. AboutFive months before the incident, CristinaTheir daughter was born. Candela. Then, January 25, 1997, JoseHe was found dead and burned in a car. General Madariaga, Argentina. TheThe case was then retraced by investigators. Alfredo Yabran. HeHis head of security asked a police officer if he had ordered the hit. Gustavo PrellezoTo make it happen.

ItAll began when JoseThat is what I learned AlfredoWould be to visit the beach in PinamarTogether with his wife February 1996. Until then, Alfredo didn’t allow his pictures to be taken and was looked into by NoticiasHis ties to the dictatorship ArgentinaBetween 1978 and 1983. OnThis particular afternoon. JoseIt was with CristinaHe is his friend GabrielAnd Gabriel’s partner. HeClick then Alfredo’s pictures while pretending to be a tourist taking a picture of Cristina. Alfredo’s image was then published as the cover photo on one of Noticia’s issues, ultimately leading to Jose’s murder.

Where is Cristina Robledo Now?

WhileThe murderers were sentenced to life imprisonment, but they were later released after their sentences were reduced. Cristina was angry with these developments and felt there was no justice in the case, adding, “NotIn any way. PerhapsIf you ask a lawyer, they will tell you. JusticeWe don’t see justice in this. And I doubt there ever will be.”

Where is Jose Luis Cabezas' Wife Today? Update

InThe past is the future CristinaI worked as a kindergarten teacher, secretary, or receptionist. AmidstShe was subject to constant pressure and media attention. ArgentinaShe moved to Toronto with her daughter. Europe. TheySince then, have maintained a low profile. Argentina sporadically. InAn interview taken in 2017 Cristina said that not much has changed back home, adding, “The country remains the same, the struggles are the same, the injustices are the same, it seems that I left yesterday.” ForNow, she CandelaLive in the Canary Islands, Spain.

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