Where Is Kawaii Lighting Now?

Entrepreneurs Chloe Loop Lan BuiIt was hoped to impress SharksPrezentieren Sie Ihr Produkt Kawaii Lighting on season 13 of ‘Shark Tank.’ The CovidPeople fled to social media platforms following the -19 pandemic. InstagramYouTube, TikTok, and YouTube NaturallyWith a rise of content creators, the demand to have professional equipment at a low price has increased dramatically. Chloe LanThey decided to take advantage of the opportunity with their studio-quality, interestingly-shaped lights. Well, let’s find out more about the company, shall we?

Kawaii Lighting: Who Are They What Do They Do?

Chloe Loop Lan Bui – partners in business and in life – decided to start Kawaii Lighting2020 LanHas solid experience as an entrepreneur. He has also been successful in other work, such as as a filmmaker or licensed toy maker. OnOn the other hand, ChloeIs well-versed and experienced in the field dance and has worked as creative consultant. HoweverThe couple share a passion for inventing new products and this, along with Lan’s love for technology, led to the invention of Kawaii Lighting.

Where Is Kawaii Lighting Now?
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The CovidThe -19 pandemic decimated many businesses and drove the entire world into exile. AsPeople were trapped in their homes with nothing to do. Social media platforms like YouTube changed that. InstagramTikTok also witnessed a surge in creators, users, and users. InitiallyThe new creators made do with what they had, but quickly turned to more professional solutions.

AsAs a result, demand for professional studio equipment, particularly ring lights, has increased tenfold. Chloe Loop Lan BuiAlthough they saw this increase in demand as a potential opportunity, they were disappointed to discover that virtually every microphone and ring light sold online was the same design. ThusThey were determined to make technology simple and cute and they founded Kawaii LightingIn 2020, they opened their first business out of their garage.

Apparently, Kawaii LightingProfessional gear that is lightweight and easy to use. ApartThe business offers products that are affordable and makes their products suitable for all moods. Additionally, Chloe LanThey claim that their products look great in every setting because they are so cute.

Where Is Kawaii Lighting Now?

Upon Kawaii Lighting’s release, Chloe LanWe were delighted to see how positively their product was received. AsThe equipment gained tremendous traction as more content creators started using it, which led directly to an increase in sales. OwingTo the popularity of Kawaii LightingIt was also featured in various media publications, including Buzzfeed Endgadget.

Moreover, the products also began being used on the sets of popular TV shows like ‘The World AccordingTo Jeff Goldblum,’ ‘A Little LateWith Lilly Singh,’ and ‘The New York Times Presents Episode 7: Who GetsTo BeAn Influencer?’

AtAll are present Kawaii LightingTheir website is the only place to purchase products. They even offer free shipping for orders above $119. TheirThe most loved product is the 20-inch star- and cat-shaped lights. They are available in a range of prices from $299 up to $379. InYou can also buy smaller portable lights, such as a 30-inch beauty disc and a microphone in a heart shape. Prices range from $29 to $129. As Chloe LanThey work hard to bring their company to greater heights. We have no doubt that the best is yet ahead.

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