Where is Kelley Clayton’s Husband Today? Update

When Thomas ClaytonHe called 911 to report his wife’s death. Nobody knew he was the one responsible. ButThe authorities began digging deeper and everything pointed to a cold blooded murder-for hire plot. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The HouseIn the Woods’ chronicles the authorities’ efforts to tie Thomas to his wife’s murder and how they succeeded in making that happen. So, if you’re wondering what happened to Thomas in the aftermath, here’s what we know!

Who is Thomas Clayton?

ThomasWas a Binghamton, New YorkNative that went to Niagara UniversityIn New York. ThereHe played ice hockey, and then joined the NHL. Elmira JackalsA minor league hockey team. ThomasHe played for them from 1998 to 2002, when he met and got married. Kelley Stage. TheA couple settled in Caton, New York, ThomasEstablish a franchise Paul Davis Emergency Services. Later, he also worked as a project manager for ServPro, his friend’s company.

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Thomas called 911 sometime after 12:30 AM on September 29, 2015, after finding KelleyYou are dead in the kitchen. Before that, Thomas was at his friend’s house for poker night. HeLeft for Greg Miller’s place from his home at around 7:30 PM, and sometime before 11 PM, he asked Greg’s wife for her phone. ThomasThen called Michael BeardOne of his former employees. While MichaelFinally, he confessed his guilt to the murder KelleyIn exchange for money, he retracted his statement. However, authorities still had to determine how it all happened.

TheInvestigative research revealed that ThomasWas obsessed with women and money. HeHe was unhappy in his marriage and was known for being flirty and reckless. LaterTestimony proved that ThomasWas sexually involved in several women and was often called KelleyLaziness and ingratitude. But despite the lack of love, divorce wasn’t something that ThomasHe felt he was being wanted. Kelley would “take everything.” FurthermoreHe doubled her insurance policy approximately one year before the incident.

CellphoneRecords also indicated that the murder occurred just days earlier. ThomasGleichzeitig war ich texting Kelleya woman and another woman, the latter receiving sexual messages. TheThis was what the prosecution believed ThomasHe wanted to get out the marriage so he created the murder-for hire plan. TheAuthorities felt that the murder was originally supposed to take place around September21.15. ThomasThis was in OhioHe gave him an alibi. AtHe even left his car in the vicinity at that time. Michael’s house, driving a company car to his destination.

Larry JohnsonLater, a former employee at ServPro testified that he drove with MichaelClose to Clayton’s home in Thomas’ car after midnight on September 24, 2015. AccordingTo LarryHe was in the car during his interview MichaelYou can leave it for about half an hours. ButThe plan was implemented when ThomasHis colleague and he exchanged cars Luke Tetrault, September 28, 2015. SometimeThat evening ThomasDrive Luke’s truck to ServPro, taking back a work vehicle instead.

After ThomasMade a call to MichaelFrom Greg’s home, MichaelServedPro was visited, and I was able to pick up my order. Luke’s truck, and then drove to the Clayton residence. ThereHe entered the garage with a key that he had purchased. ThomasHe had given it earlier. MichaelThen, you were bludgeoned KelleyTo death before fleeing from the scene and returning home. Thomas, who arrived at midnight September29th of May 2015, made the 911 Call. CellphoneGPS data indicated that Thomas MichaelWe were together in Elmira, New York, in the morning September 21. TheRecordings also showed MichaelAfter receiving a call from, he was asked to leave his place quickly. Thomas.

Where is Thomas Clayton Today?

Where is Kelley Clayton's Husband Today? Update

AfterAbout six weeks of trial proceedings ThomasIndicted for first-degree murder February 2017. CellPhone records and surveillance videos convinced him that he was hired MichaelTo kill Kelley. In April 2017, Thomassentenced to life imprisonment without parole. InAfter an appeal, his conviction was upheld. NowHe is 44 years old. isCurrently in prison Sing Sing Correctional FacilityIn Ossining, New York.

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