Where is Kelley Clayton’s Killer Today? Update

NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The HouseIn the Woods’ focuses on the brutal murder of Kelley ClaytonIn September 2015. TheA murder-for-hire intruder beat a young mother to death in her home. InUnbeknownst to her, her husband. ThomasThe victim was a former employee who was hired by the victim to execute the murder. Michael BeardHe was finally brought to justice. However, he was not before a confession or a retractation. So, if you’re wondering what happened, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Michael Beard?

After KelleyThe authorities linked him to the murder. ThomasTo Michaelvia a phone conversation that was made sometime before she was found. MichaelHad previously worked at Thomas’ company and also at ServPro. TheThe latter was owned and maintained by one of Thomas’ friends. However, he was fired because of complaints of stealing from clients’ homes. The authorities believed Michael’s motivation was money because he was desperate for it at the time. FurthermoreHe was facing eviction Thomas.

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After MichaelHe confessed and was arrested. ThomasHe offered $10,000 to his wife to get her killed. ButIt was soon canceled by him. ButThe evidence provided by the authorities allowed the authorities to piece together what might have been the outcome on that fateful night. SometimeBefore 11 PM ThomasSo called MichaelHe soon rode his bike to the city. HeCycled to ServPro, picking-up a vehicle ThomasHe had already left for him.

Then, MichaelPicked up Mark Blandford, a friend. MarkLater, he claimed that he knew nothing about the murder. HeHe stated that he knew only what he was doing. MichaelWas about to commit a criminal act. For that, Markwas supposed be the lookout. TheyClose to the ClaytonResidence around midnight September28.2015, with MichaelThrough the garage ThomasHe had given him the key. HeThen, I went to the bedroom. KelleyIt was asleep.

MichaelTo hit, used a maul handle KelleyShe fought him off twice and ran out, eventually falling down stairs. Then, KelleyI ran into the kitchen, which is where MichaelShe continued to attack her. After her death, MichaelHe left, changed his clothes and put the bloody clothes into a gym bag. HeWe drove back with Mark, dropping the murder weapon, the gym bag and the keys in different places. Once MichaelDropped MarkHe left the truck at ServPro, and then cycled home. MichaelLater, the police were informed by the owner of the items where they could be found.

Where is Michael Beard Today?

At Michael’s trial, he had a different story. MichaelIt was attested that while Thomas did hire him, it wasn’t to kill Kelley. HeIt was to set it the ClaytonResidence on fire for insurance money MichaelAs claimed ThomasHe said that the house would be empty but he was panicked when he saw it. KelleyHe was dead, so he fled without doing anything. The jury didn’t buy the story, and in November2016: He was convicted for first-degree murder, and two counts each of second-degree killing.

Where is Kelley Clayton's Killer Today? Update
Image Credit: WENY TV NEWS/YouTube

FollowingHis conviction MichaelFor first-degree murder, he was sentenced with concurrent sentences of 25 years to live for second-degree crimes. NowHe is 41 years old and still incarcerated. Auburn Correctional FacilityIn Cayuga County, New York.

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