Where is Kelly Brennan’s Killer Today? Update

TheSecond half Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Sins: No Forgiveness: Cheating Death’ focuses on the high-profile murder case of Kelly BrennanIn February 2010. SheHe was found on the coast of being bludgeoned and killed. Florida, which sparked a homicide investigation that covered everything from jealousy and apparent visions of death. Ultimately, Sheila Graham-Trott, a long-time buddy of Kelly’s, was sent to prison for the killing. So, if you’re wondering what really happened, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Sheila Graham-Trott?

SheilaOriginal source: Ontario, CanadaHowever, her love of water influenced her decision to move to FloridaShe attended college in, and was a diving instructor. EventuallyShe met Daniel TrottThe couple quickly fell in love and they were married in August 1989. AtOne point. SheilaThree jobs were held to help DanielPilot school tuition paid EventuallyThings worked out for the best. DanielBeing a pilot is an option SheilaAs a real estate agent.

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TheTwo sons were born to the couple. CreightonAnd GrahamThe incident occurred when the victims were aged 18 and 16 years respectively. SheilaAnd DanielLater, they became a power couple. DanielElected mayor of Indialantic, Florida. HoweverThe two fell apart over time. SheilaClaim DanielMultiple affairs began. She would notice him not wearing the wedding ring, but when she asked if something was happening, he would “swear and cuss” at her.

By January 2009, SheilaDecided she wanted a divorce. AroundThis time, she met with Kelly BrennanShe knew this person for many years. KellyShe also experienced some difficulties in her relationships, due to her six-year marriage. Gino RalloThe end. Eventually, DanielMoved out of the house and joined a group that specializes in cycling. KellyIt was a part. NotThey began to have an affair not long after. Sheila mentioned, “DanAnd Kelly were both lying to everybody, saying that they weren’t having an affair. AndWhile this was happening, I was having problems with my wife. Dan. …he was just being very belligerent.”

ThenOn the night of February 15, 2010, 46-year-old KellyShe missed a session with her personal trainer. AtAround 10 or 10:30 PM on that night SheilaAfter a four-hour drive, I finally got home Walmarttrip, and according the her sons she appeared dizzy and later had seizures. Suddenly, SheilaWe talked about a bad nightmare involving KellyAnd she thought she had done her wrong. ImmediatelyThe boys called their grandmother, who then called 911 and reported that their daughter had discussed killing. Killy.

NotJust that. Sheila mentioned Marks Landing, a place on the Florida coast. TheLater, her sons claimed that they drove her mother there and found a corpse. ThenThey drove to a vacant lot and found a bag. The authorities later located Kelly’s body in the same place; she was bludgeoned to death. AccordingThe purse contained money for the boys Kelly’s wallet and driving license. However, SheilaShe claimed that it was a vision and that it did not harm her friend.

The authorities, though, weren’t too sure. TheyThat was my feeling. SheilaWas jealous of Kelly’s affair with her husband and resolved to kill her. TheThat was the theory behind prosecution SheilaWaited for KellyShe forced her to leave her home and attacked her with a hammer. ThenShe then took the body to California, where she dumped it and left the car there. HoweverNo physical evidence is available. SheilaThe murder. AllInvestigators discovered blood on the passenger side. Kelly’s car.

Where is Sheila Graham-Trott Today?

Later, SheilaShe changed her story and claimed that she had a vision of an unidentified murderer. Kelly. StrangelyShe claimed that she was also with him to the dumping ground. AtDuring her trial, the defense tried pointing the finger at her Kelly’s husband, GinoHe claimed that he had attacked DanielAnd KellyAfter learning of the affair, in the past HoweverHe had an alibi.

Where is Kelly Brennan's Killer Today? Update

In September2014: A jury was found SheilaFirst-degree murder. TheyShe believed the prosecution who claimed that she had killed KellyBecause of jealousy. SheilaHe was then sentenced for life in prison. She later said, “I have to live with a lotta guilt for not stopping the attack. And now I’m paying the price. Kelly’s family has closure, but they don’t have justice, ’cause I didn’t kill Kelly.” PrisonAccording to records, SheilaHe is currently 56 years old and remains in prison Lowell Correctional InstitutionIn Ocala, Florida.

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