Where is Kelton Breshon Fox Now? Update

WhenA teenager with a promising future was found murdered behind her home. Authorities rushed to identify the culprit. Tierra HallIn was killed March2015 Durham, North CarolinaThe tragedy was caused jointly by her ex-boyfriend and her mother. Investigation Discovery’s ‘See No Evil: Savage By Name’ focuses on how surveillance footage was crucial in piecing together what might have happened on that fateful day. So, if you’re curious about the same, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Tierra Hall Die?

Tierra HallA single mother raised her child. Koteya Hall, and lived in DurhamAt the time of the incident. TheA 17-year-old was a junior at Jordan High SchoolIn DurhamYou always wanted to attend North Carolina Central University. Loved ones described TierraAs a fun-loving, free-spirited girl. TheYoung woman wanted to study business. KoteyaHer daughter stated that she wanted to own her own business in her future.

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ButAll that changed was March 27, 2015. TierraThat day was just like any other. But Koteya didn’t hear from her daughter despite calling and messaging her. When she didn’t come home, Koteya thought she was staying at her friend’s place. But sadly, that wasn’t the case. On March 28, Tierra’s body was found behind an empty house less than a mile from her school. SheShe was stabbed at most 14 times in the head, neck, shoulder, arm, and arm. TheThe brutality was evident when the tip of her murder weapon broke off and lodged in her left side cheek.

Who Killed Tierra Hall?

AsPart of the investigation, authorities came across Kelton Breshon Fox, a 17 year-old student at the school where he used to date Tierra. AccordingTo KoteyaThe two had been in an intermittent relationship but they were still together. TierraIt was over. Christmas 2014 because he was “too clingy.” While Tierra didn’t go into too much detail, Koteya didn’t see any signs of trouble and thought her daughter was doing alright.

Where is Kelton Breshon Fox Now? Update
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HoweverSurveillance footage from the school showed that KeltonSomething to do with what happened Tierra. InIn the video, you can see them meeting up multiple times throughout the day. March 27, 2015. WhileMost of the interactions were friendly. KeltonWas taken Tierra’s cellphone and running away with it at one point. AtThe former couple left the high-school together at 12:25 pm.

SecurityFootage from the area. Tierra’s body was found showed the two walking together away from the school. ButLater, KeltonHe was seen alone walking in the direction of school. FurthermoreThe authorities discovered that KeltonThe house where the body was found was the home of an elderly couple. The police saw “KingK tha Savage” written on the door; KeltonThis phrase was included in his name as part of his Facebook page.

After KeltonWhen he returned to school, he was found with his hands in his sleeves and headed straight to the bathroom. KeltonHe never returned to school, instead calling his mother and leaving the school around 2:07 pm. InThe bathroom was awash in blood and the authorities discovered it around the trash can. A search of Kelton’s home led to the discovery of the shoes that appeared to be the same ones KeltonThe day of Tierra’s murder. TheyLater, it was confirmed that they had blood. Furthermore, the police found a journal that mentioned “KingK tha Savage” and “an uncontrollable lust for blood.”

Where is Kelton Breshon Fox Today?

TheAuthorities stated that TierraIn the days before the murder, he had been talking with another possible romantic partner. WhileAlthough her phone could have proven it, it was never located. UltimatelyThe prosecution claimed that KeltonYou are being lured TierraBefore he killed her, he lived in his old home. In June 2018, KeltonPled guilty to second degree murder. DuringThe defense presented several mitigation factors at sentencing. Kelton’s father abandoned him as a child and that he had grown up around domestic violence.

Where is Kelton Breshon Fox Now? Update

Furthermore, Kelton’s defense mentioned that he dealt with PTSD, hallucinations, paranoia, and some elements of borderline personality disorder. UltimatelyHe was sentenced to 12 to 15 years in prison. PrisonRecords indicate that KeltonStill incarcerated Gaston Correctional InstitutionIn Dallas, North Carolina. He isExpected to be released in April 2027.

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