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Authorities were scrambling for the culprit after a shocking murder in broad daylight. AntoineMcKenzie was shot with bullets in front of a store. Colorado Springs, ColoradoIn June 1995. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Homicide Hunter: WrittenIn Blood’ chronicles how witness statements and old-fashioned police work led the authorities to the killer. So, if you’re wondering what led to Antoine’s death and what happened in the aftermath, here’s what we know.

How Did Antoine McKenzie Die?

Antoine Jobar McKenzie was born in Jan1975 Colorado Springs. TheA young man was described by his grandmother as being close and helping her whenever she needed. HeHe was interested in cars, and had been saving money to pay monthly for a vintage car. According to loved ones, the 20-year-old never got into trouble and wasn’t involved with gangs.

ThereforeIt was a shock that he was the victim to a shooting on June 5, 1995. SometimeAfter 3 PM, the police raced to the parking lot at an auto parts store. Colorado SpringsOnly to find AntoineHe barely managed to hold on to his life in a pool full of blood. HeHe was shot six times in his chest using a.22-caliber firearm. While AntoineHe was rushed to the hospital but his injuries were too severe and he died.

Who Killed Antoine McKenzie?

AccordingRobbery was not mentioned in the show. AntoineHe still had money when he was killed. ItThat appeared AntoineAs he was leaving the auto parts shop, he was attacked. ThePolice believed that the shooting was personal due to the number of shots he received and the fact that it took place in broad daylight, in front of witnesses. SoThe police looked at Antoine’s family for any potential leads.

Antoine’s father mentioned that his son didn’t get along with Kelvin WashingtonHe was then 19 years old. The father didn’t know the reason, but he did talk about it being a thing since high school. When KelvinWhen questioned by police, he stated that they had been in bad blood since they were students. AsPer the show KelvinHad been dating a girl that AntoineThe two men had a crush which led to many problems.

KelvinIt was claimed that AntoineOne time, he even went to his house and started a fight. ButHe said that he had nothing to with Antoine’s death. AsYou can use it as an alibi. KelvinHe claimed he was home most of the time June5, only briefly stepping out. AtThe police released him because he didn’t have any other connection to the murder. TheyAn informant offered some information and caught my attention.

ItOn the show, it was stated that this informant knew who the victim was AntoineHowever, they could not provide a street name. Nebo. AccordingHe said, NeboAnd AntoineHad been in many arguments in the history, and on day of shooting NeboI was driving around with Charlie Adams, a high school student. The authorities already knew from witnesses that the shooter jumped on the passenger’s side of a white sedan; CharlieHad a car that matched this description.

Where is Kelvin Washington Now?

When CharlieWhen questioned, he confessed to driving with KelvinIt is also known as NeboOn June 5. AsThe show revealed that the couple were looking to purchase marijuana. KelvinNotified Antoine’s parked car and got out of the vehicle. When KelvinHe was again interrogated and denied that he had been shot. AntoineBut he did admit that he had threatened him with a gun at one time. TheyThey had also previously fired shots at one another. InIn the end, a jury was found KelvinFirst-degree murder conviction. In April1996 – He was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. RecordsIndicate KelvinIs still incarcerated at Sterling Correctional FacilityIn Logan County, Colorado.

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