Where is Kevin Spann’s Wife Today? Update

When Kevin SpannGet married Gina SpannHe didn’t know what kind of evil he was inviting into his life in 1989. AlthoughAlthough their relationship was initially perfect, they soon ran into some problems and appeared to be headed towards divorce. HoweverThings took a sudden turn. KevinHe was brutally murdered May 11, 1997. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Affairs: Betrayed By Love: BoredTo Death’ chronicles the horrific slayingAnd portrays how the ensuing investigation led straight to Gina Spann. Let’s take a look at the case in detail and find out more, shall we?

Who Is Gina Spann?

Gina and Kevin SpannShe met her in her hometown, in the state Illinoisbefore getting married in 1989 and moving to Fort Worth, TexasIn 1990. SoonAfter you move to Fort Worth, KevinIn use KuwaitAnd shifted with GinaTo Fort Gordon, GeorgiaUpon his return. In Fort Gordon, GinaShe was able to find work in a fast food chain, where she made friends and became close with teenagers who were much younger than her. HoweverThe teenagers quickly took to the married woman and soon thereafter GinaShe found herself at rowdy parties and staying over with new friends.

InterestinglyFrom her coworkers, GinaThey have a close relationship Larry Kelley. SheEven allowed the children to have fun in her home. According to the show she didn’t hide the fact that she was having an illicit affair with one of her children. Kelly. KevinInitial protests against this intrusion were made, but his words fell on deaf ears. TheShow mentioned that he would often return to work to find drunk teenagers living in his house. Naturally, this affected his relationship with his wife. Gina.

Eventually, GinaAnd Kelly’s relationship grew, and she allowed the teen to move in with her. The Investigation DiscoveryEpisode claimed that KevinI moved out of my master bedroom and slept in a separate area while GinaAnd KellyThe bed was shared. HoweverBy this time, KevinHe was tired and asked for a divorce. Yet, GinaIt was difficult to leave KevinShe promised her that she would make their marriage work. HoweverAs she requested, she had no plans to improve the relationship. LarryTogether with his friends, he created the following: Matthew PiazziAnd Gerald Horne, shot and killed Kevin SpannOn May 11, 1997.

When first responders reached Kevin’s body, they realized he was still alive after being shot but eventually bled to death. BesidesAn autopsy confirmed that KevinHe was shot twice and eventually died. When questioned, GinaAnd LarryThey insisted on their innocence and the latter even introduced him as Gina’s live-in boyfriend. HoweverAfter putting in their statements, the police didn’t buy them. LarryThey finally got him to confess after a long and difficult interrogation. LarryIt was claimed that GinaHe was asked to murder KevinAnd even implicated MatthewAnd GeraldIn the murder. ThusWith ample evidence and a witness testimony, Larry, Gina, Matthew, GeraldThey were all taken into custody for their involvement in the crime.

Where Is Gina Spann Now?

Where is Kevin Spann's Wife Today? Update

When GinaThat was my realization LarryHad confessed to the murder, and was in danger of death sentence, she broke down. She admitted to having been involved in the murder. SubsequentlyIn 1998, she pleaded guilty to first-degree killing and possession of firearms during a crime. She was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole and a 5-year extension. Thus, GinaIs still in prison at the Arrendale State PrisonIn Raoul, Georgia. OnOn the other hand, Larry KelleyHe was convicted of first degree murder. MatthewAnd GeraldPled guilty to the same charges CurrentlyAll three face life imprisonment without parole

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