Where is Konner Brunner Now? Update

When Lauren KiddA young mother reported missing after she failed to attend a family event. October 2018. OverIn the coming weeks, the reason will become clear Lauren’s disappearance became painfully apparent, paving the way for a homicide inquiry. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Broken Heart In Broken Arrow’ delves into what happened to LaurenWho was responsible for her death? So, let’s dig in then, shall we?

How Did Lauren Kidd Die?

Lauren KiddWhen she was brutally murdered, she was 21-years-old and had a bright future. SheHis personality was described as strong-willed, with a love for music, horseback riding and spending time together. ByThe time LaurenShe graduated high school and had given birth to her baby. AddisonThe incident happened when he was only three years old. Lauren, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, was divorced from the child’s father and was in a relationship with Konner BrunnerIt happened.

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On October 30, 2018, Lauren’s family began worrying when she didn’t come by to take AddisonTrick or treating Halloween. TheYoung woman was last seen with her boyfriend October 27, 2018. SoThey reported LaurenMissing right away AnA thorough search turned up no evidence of her body. However, an investigation revealed that her body was found in a recycling bin. It then made its way to a paper mill. Valliant, Oklahoma. TheAuthorities believed that LaurenIt was shot.

Who Killed Lauren Kidd?

TheInvestigators discovered that Lauren KiddLast seen with Konner Brunner. ItIt was reported that KonnerBefore evidence against him led the to his arrest, he helped to look for his girlfriend. Lauren’s mother, Christa, was always cautious about her daughter’s dating. Konner. She said, “HeIt was dangerous. They had domestic calls with the police department several times.” A similar sentiment was echoed by Addison’s father, Zachary.

Where is Konner Brunner Now? Update

TwoOf Konner’s friends later remembered seeing what appeared to be blood on the passenger side of his car. TheHe was arrested by authorities in the early hours of his arrest November2018 marks a major development in the case. By then, KonnerEven bought cleaning supplies. DuringWhen questioned, he confessed that he had killed LaurenDuring an argument. AccordingIt was an accident, according to him. LaurenHe refused to get out of the car and then pointed the gun at her, causing it to go off accidentally.

TheThe incident happened in the parking garage of an apartment building, according to authorities Broken Arrow. Then, KonnerRecognized that the body was being thrown in a recycling bin. ThePolice eventually located the gun and the bin. Lauren’s blood on it. HoweverThe body was not found. TheInvestigators were eventually led to a papermill in Valliant. There, parts Lauren’s body were found and confirmed to be hers through a DNA test.

Where is Konner Brunner Now?

DuringThe defense claimed that the shooting was accidental during the trial. NeverthelessIn January 2020, Konner BrunnerWas found guilty of first-degree Murder. In MarchHe was 23 years old when he was sentenced in the same year to life imprisonment with parole possibility after completing at least 38 years and 3 months.

Where is Konner Brunner Now? Update

PrisonRecordings indicate KonnerIs still incarcerated at North Fork Correctional CenterIn Beckham County, Oklahoma. AfterThe sentencing Christa said, “There won’t be any closure. We don’t have a body to bury,And we don’t really have a memorial. There’s not that gravesite, per se, that you can have. So we have to create our own.”

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