Where is Lateisha Jandreau Now? Update

In July 2010, North CarolinaThis was one of the most tragic cases of marital problems that ended in the wife killing her husband. IfIt is not possible without a dedicated group of friends to support the husband. Lateisha JandreauYou might even have been able to dispose of the body, and you could have gotten away without being charged with the crime. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Killer Bods: Blood, Sweat, And Tears’ takes a deep dive into the murder and minutely explains to the viewers what happened chronologically. If you are already interested, looking to learn all about the case, the identity, and the current whereabouts of the perpetrator, then we’ve your back. So let’s just dive in, then.

How Did Paul Jandreau Die?

Paul Steven Jandreau51-year-old was a retired person. NavyMaster Chief who worked at BAE Systems, a defense contractor located in Norfolk, Virginia. HeHe had a group very dedicated friends who would go on and play a major role in solving his murder. According to the victim’s brother, Mike Jandreau, Paul was “a stand-up guy with a very close group of friends.” HisHe was told by friends that PaulHad met his wife. Lateisha Jandreau, 38, at some kickboxing class. LateishaA skilled sportswoman, she even won the National American Sports Federation’s North CarolinaBodybuilding championship in June 2010. She PaulHad gotten married on June 28, 2003. Paul’s co-worker for 3 years, Don Roof reminisced, “He was a wonderful guy who really cared about his friends.”

PaulHe was very punctual in his life, so it was no surprise that his friends were worried when he didn’t show up for work. June30, 2010, and did no response to their calls. Theycalled the Currituck County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sheriff Lisa StarcherTo Paul’s residence at 100 Armstead CourtTo conduct a welfare inspection. SheI was at the residence around 7:44 AM, but couldn’t get in touch with them Lateisha. Paul’s 2005 GMC SierraPickup was in your driveway. Finally, LateishaI was contacted via her workplace, and she returned around 8:30 am to allow StarcherCheck the property. She found nothing suspicious but returned later in the afternoon to discover that the windows of the house, previously uncovered, were now covered with “a blue tarp, tin foil, or frosting.”

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On July 1, 2010, StarcherAnother person checked on the house at 11:40 AM. DeputyTo find Paul’s truck filled with furniture and a visibly agitated and frustrated Lateisha. SheThe deputy was informed by her that she had last spoken to them. PaulOn June 29, 2010. SheAccording to some, she claimed that she had PaulThey lived separate lives. StarcherReturned on July2, 2010, at approximately 5:30 pm to meet LateishaAccording to the previous arrangements, but she could not find her at her home. LateishaCall 911 to inform her that she was gone Chesapeake, VirginiaHowever, the 911 dispatcher was able detect that her cell location indicated she was at her home.

TheOfficers determined that there was foul play and returned to the scene June3, 2010, just after midnight, with an arrest warrant. TheyThey forced their way through the garage door to get in and were eventually found LateishaThe officers found blankets and clothes hidden in a closet behind her. Officers searched the entire residence and found nothing. Paul’s body inside a large tote. HeFive shots were made with a.45 calibre handgun, once each in the abdomen and chest, neck, and hand. He had also about 12 lacerations to his head that was “consistent with being struck by a blunt hard object such as a pistol.” TheThe body was wrapped in plastic, duct taped, and placed under a pile garbage in the garage.

Who Killed Paul Jandreau?

PoliceWe listened to neighbors and co-workers who testified. Paul’s attorney, all of whom claimed that both Paul LateishaIt was mentioned. PaulYou wanted to get divorced. TheAttorney and one of his coworkers also claimed that PaulThey had heard about the time he woke to find out that he had fallen asleep. LateishaHe crawled through his room. HeAccording to his attorney, he used the lock to keep his room’s door locked until then. His brother, MikeAlso, he testified that PaulHe had spoken to him about his marital problems, and his cheating wife. They had last met in FebruaryWhile attending Daytona500 Stock Car Race. Mike reminisced, “He’d been talking about divorce for weeks. HeShe claimed that she was cheating and that he had ample evidence. He said he just needed to get her out of his house so he could have his life back.”

Where is Lateisha Jandreau Now? Update

OfficersDiscovered a wide range of cleaning products in Jandreau’s residence and reported that the master bedroom’s hardwood floor looked like it had been scrubbed. ThereThere were bullet holes in the walls of the bedroom, which had been filled with caulk. There were also bloodstains on the bedroom rug. TheOfficers also confiscated spent bullets and duct tape, caulking and plastic wrap from the scene. A small black bag containing a.45 caliber handgun was found in the driveway after a search of the two cars. WhileThe magazine inside the gun was empty. Two additional magazines containing live ammunition were found. A receipt from LoweLarge tote dated July1, 2010 was also discovered from the driveway.

Where Is Lateisha Jandreau Today?

LateishaHe was charged with first-degree murder as well as larceny of firearms. TheOn the other side, the case was brought to trial September24, 2012 at the Criminal SessionThis is Currituck County Superior Court. LateishaIt was claimed that PaulShe claimed that he was violent and threatened her even with a gun. InsistingHer innocence is irreproachable LateishaShe claimed she shot Paul in self-defense but admitted to lying to the deputies about her husband’s whereabouts. HoweverAfter two hours of deliberation, the jury returned with a guilty verdict. On being convicted, judge Jerry R. TillettSent her to life imprisonment with no parole chance September 28, 2012. SheAppealed to the CourtThis is AppealsThis is North CarolinaHowever, the verdict was upheld. AsAccording to official records, she isCurrently, incarcerated at Anson Correctional InstitutionIn Polkton, North Carolina.

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