Where is Leonardo Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

CreatedBy Frank Spotnitz Steve Thompson, The CW’s ‘Leonardo’ isA period drama series that takes us through the extraordinary life and times of genius Leonardoda Vinci. SetThe narrative is set in the 16th century and follows the titular character, who suffers from a lonely childhood and struggles to understand everything that he encounters. AsHe is a curious child who grows up. VinciYou can be a truly brilliant person. ThanksBecause of his curiosity about science, technology, and art, he makes every effort to discover all the secrets of the world around him.

However, da Vinci’s life turns upside down when he isAssassinated Caterinada Cremona. As Stefano GiraldiAn officer of the DuchyOf MilanHe interrogates the victim and recounts his story starting from the moment that he met him. IntriguedThe officer, who was inspired by the artist to investigate the case further, concludes that he thinks da Vinci is innocent. TheBiographical and suspenseful narration keeps you watching the series, but what really makes you curious is the historical setting and locations. WellIn such cases, we have you covered!

Leonardo Filming Locations

‘Leonardo’ isFilmed entirely in ItalySpecifically, in Lazio, TuscanyIt is almost impossible to believe that it is possible. Milan. TheThe principal photography of the inaugural version of the show began in the early hours. December2019 but was stopped by the influx of COVID-19-related cases. AfterAfter a significant delay, filming resumed mid-afternoonJune2020 is finally over Augustof the same year. AsThe shooting of the second season took place in the summer 2021. Now, let’s navigate all the specific locations utilized for the CW series!

Lazio, Italy

A majority of ‘Leonardo’ isTaped in Lazio, Italy’s second most populated region. TheThepremise of the Villa d’EsteIn Piazza Trento, 5, in Tivoli isThis is used to record both interior and exterior shots in order to create scenes. Ludovico Sforza’s home. Interestingly enough, Villa FarneseIn Piazza Farnese1, in CaprarolaAlso stands for Ludovico Sforza’s home, especially for the interior scenes.

SeveralLocations across the globe Viterbo, an ancient town and commune in the LazioRegion, serve as important production locations for the show. TheseInclude the Piazza del Plebiscito (Piazza del Comune), Santuario Basilicadi Santa Maria della QuerciaOn Via del Santuario, and the old church of Santa Maria Nuova. ForSeason 1 – The filming unit for the historical series used the facilities of Lux VideS.p.A. in Via Luigi Settembrini in the region’s capital, RomeThey recreated the shooting locations because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

TheFacility isIt is home of four studios exclusive to the company, making it one of the most unique. ItalianFilm studio with more that 6,000 square meters of set space. MoreoverYou can also find other sites on the Internet. RomeThe camp where the cast and crew set-up camp for the series. TheyThese are the towns of Formello Bracciano, Parcodi VeioIn Sacrofano, and the ancient hospital in Complesso Monumentale S. SpiritoIn Sassia.

Tuscany, Italy

Since Tuscany isThe actual birthplace of Leonardoda Vinci, it makes sense why a few sequences of ‘Leonardo’ are lensed in this Italian region. VinciA city in Tuscany, isSome scenes were recorded. InterestinglyIt is not surprising that the birthplace of the legendary artist is just outside the city.

Milan, Italy

SeeminglyFor taping purposes, the production crew even travels to MilanThe city of, in northern ItalyThe capital of the Lombardy region. OverMany movies have been made over the years. TV shows have utilized the city’s locales. Some notable ones are ‘Murder Mystery,’ ‘The Best Offer,’ ‘I Am Love,’ ‘HouseOf Gucci,’ and ‘Black Money Love.’

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