Where is Markus Kaarma Now? Update

Ever since its premiere back in 1992, ‘Dateline NBC’ has been profiling one true-crime tale after another, with a specific focus on the human aspects to get to the heart of what really transpired and why. Therefore, its spinoff, ‘Secrets Uncovered’ is no different. An episode of the docuseries, aptly entitled ‘Deadly Exchange’ chronicles the horrifically cold 2014 homicide of GermanTeenager Diren Dede. So now, if you wish to learn all the details concerning the same, including the victim’s background, the assailant’s motives, and the actual aftermath of the matter, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Diren Dede Die?

BornBe part of a proud family TurkishImmigrants in Germany, Diren DedeI had always longed to study in the university. United StatesThis is AmericaTo experience its vibrant culture. HisHe realized his dream when he began his junior years at Big Sky High SchoolIn Missoula, MontanaHe was part of an exchange program and didn’t realize that it would lead to his death. TheThe 17-year old was a star soccer player, a smart student, and a bright spot for those around him. isJust one reason why his brutal killing shocked not only the US Statebut also his homeland to its very core.

Where is Markus Kaarma Now? Update

On April27, 2014, shortly before midnight DirenA friend and I were on a walk when he suddenly disappeared. We were shot after he trespassed into a residential garage minutes later. The Hamburg native was fired at a total of four times with a 12-gauge shotgun, hitting him directly in the arm as well as the head and causing extreme bleeding that couldn’t be controlled. ThereforeEven though an ambulance was dispatched to the scene of an emergency 911 call, the teenager died from his multiple gunshot wounds in less than half an hour.

Who Killed Diren Dede?

TheOwner of the six-bedroom apartment Deer Canyon Court estate DirenHad undeniably entered. Then, a 29-year-old firefighter was named Markus Hendrik Kaarma, isHe is the sole person responsible for his death. HeHe admitted that he was the triggerman right away, which led to him being quickly interrogated and arrested. However, the charge against him was a deliberate murder due to his actions leading up the incident. That’s because the firefighter had knowingly left his garage open, with his partner’s purse planted in clear sight to bait and then catch burglars — he’d even set up motion sensors as well as a video monitor.

Where is Markus Kaarma Now? Update
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Markus’ home had reportedly been hit by intruders twice in the weeks leading up to the fateful day, so he was not only paranoid but also angry, especially as he believed the police were not taking his reports seriously. Moreover, three separate witnesses, including his hairstylist, came forward to reveal that he’d spoken to them about staying up at night to shoot the thieves in an attempt to make the neighborhood safer. ThusHe also kept a loaded gun by his side. isHow he was capable of opening fire! DirenJust 23 seconds after first spotting him via the video monitor, he disappeared.

During Markus’ trial for murder, while his defense relied upon the “Castle doctrine” law — where a homeowner can use deadly force if they believe an intruder is trying to harm them — the prosecutors argued in mere facts. TheyIterated that DirenA unarmed juvenile from another country was sent to this exchange program. He had six more weeks, so he didn’t want to risk becoming a regular thief. WithIt is, however, possible to do it. isHe believed that the teen was garage-hopping looking for alcohol on the night he stumbled into. Markus’ darkened one and subsequently lost his life.

Where is Markus Kaarma Now?

Markus Hendrik KaarmaWas found guilty of deliberate murder (equivalent in first-degree killing) and sentenced to 70 year imprisonment in state prison. Parole is possible after 20 years. HeAfter his initial indictment, he was released on $30,000 bail.District Judge EdMcLean refused to grant McLean’s request for a second bond in lieu of sentencing or appeal hearings. HenceAfter his conviction, he was sentenced in December 2014, Markus’ official sentence was pronounced on February 12, 2015.

Where is Markus Kaarma Now? Update

MarkusSince then, he has been in prison. His appeals against his conviction have all been either dismissed or upheld. “You didn’t protect your residence; you went hunting,” then-Judge McLean said during Markus’ sentencing in early 2015. “And here you have a 12-gauge shotgun that’s loaded. NotTo protect your family, but to pursue someone. You are angry at the world, and it’s evident in your behavior…”

He added, “YouSociety is at too great risk to be anywhere but the Montana State Prison. Good luck to you, son.” Before hearing his penalty, the convict apologized with just a line, stating, “I’m sorry my actions caused the death of Mr. Dede.” ThereforeToday, he is in his 30s. Markus Kaarma isYou are being held at the Montana State PrisonIn Powell County.

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