Where is MasterChef Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

BasedThe eponymous British series, ‘MasterChef‘ isA cooking competition show was created by Adeline Ramage Rooney, Ben Adler, Pat Llewellyn, Howard Owens, Robin Ashbrook, Gordon Ramsay. TheThis reality show features 50 contestants competing against each others to impress the judges by their respective dishes. InThe conversion of the title MasterChefEach episode will have a variety of challenges and tests that the contestants must pass.

InThe presence of a renowned chef is an added bonus to the competative format Gordon Ramsay – famous for ‘Hell’s Kitchen‘ and ‘MasterChef Junior‘ – as one of the judges makes the cooking show all the more entertaining. OtherThe judges for the show are Joe Bastianich Aarón Sanchez. In additiOn, Graham Elliot Christina Tosi have also been on the judges’ panel for a few seasons. TakingConsider the fact the majority of series are not rated. is filmed indoors –  which could be a soundstage on a studio facility – fans are curious to know where ‘MasterChef’ is shot. WellHere isAll information about the same!

MasterChef Filming Locations

‘MasterChef’ isFilmed primarily in the USA EnglandParticularly in the cities of Los Angeles, London, and the city of Hatfield. TheFilming began for the 11th season. is dubbed ‘MasterChef: Legends,’ saw a seven-month-long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AfterThe shooting was stopped in March2020, The production team returned to work in the late afternoon October2020: Final filming of the remaining episodes.

Since California is home to several film studios, the western US state makes for an ideal location to shoot an in-studio show such as ‘MasterChef.’ NowLet us tell you all the details about where the series is set!

Los Angeles County, California

The majority of the competition isFilmed on MasterChefsoundstage, isIt is located in the city BurbankIn Los Angeles County. TheThe soundstage is large and includes a large kitchen area with many cooking stations. ThisThe space includes a well-stocked pantry, balcony, freezer/fridge, and last but certainly not least, a fine dining area. This is helpful for specific challenges in the competition.

HoweverCast and crew members are required to move to different locations in order to record a few episodes. isA need. ForFor instance, the production team set up camp at a mansion to film the fourth episode in season 10. Los Angeles. MoreoverThe cast and crew went to Los Angeles to film the 16th episode of the season. Irwindale Speedway, where contestants were required to cook for 101 racecar crew members. It is500 Speedway DrivewayIn the city of IrwindaleIt is located to the east of Los Angeles.

London, England

To record episode 22 of the tenth installment titled ‘London Calling – Pt. 1,’ the production team traveled all the way to LondonFor the first time in the long-running cooking program’s history. TheEpisode was taped at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, where contestants were expected to prepare food for the guest-of-honor Mrs. Tana Ramsay. TheThis episode featured iconic landmarks, such as Big Ben Tower Bridge.

Hatfield, England

The season 10 episode titled ‘London Calling – Pt. 2’ was recorded on location at Hatfield HouseThe historic property is located on the Great North RoadThe town of HatfieldIn Hertfordshire. The contestants were to cook a venison dish using the royal property’s Victorian kitchen. TheAn ancient kitchen was used from 1611 to 1939. ButWhen World WarII broke out, and the mansion was turned into an army hospital. HoweverIt was re-functionalized for filming.

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