Where Is Matthew Vaca Now? Update

AuthoritiesIn New Philadelphia, OhioThey were shocked when they heard the news. Brandi HicksThese people were approached in Mayin 2000 and mentioned that she and her friend, Elizabeth ReiserA man took them hostage at gunpoint. BrandiFurther, she claimed that the man had taken her place even though she was lucky enough not to be rescued. ElizabethTo an isolated field, he killed her by cutting her throat. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Dead Silent: Strange Passenger’ chronicles the horrifying murder and shows how the ensuing investigation brought Elizabeth’s killer to justice. IfWe have the answers for you if you are interested in this case and would like to know more about the perpetrator.

How Did Elizabeth Reiser Die?

DescribedAs a person who is lively, down-to earth, and generous Elizabeth ReiserShe was only 17 years old at the time of her murder. SheI was just about to finish high school. I was a brilliant student and had high aspirations for the future. AdoredBy her family and loved her by her friends ElizabethShe had a warm smile and kind words to share with everyone she met. HerFriends even mentioned to each other how the high school girl loved helping people. They didn’t realize that her helpful nature would lead them to her murder.

Where Is Matthew Vaca Now? Update

On May 24, 2000, ElizabethHer friend, Brandi HicksThey were happy because they had a long vacation ahead of them. ThatThe friends made it down to the pub for a good night of fun. New Philadelphiavideo store, where they planned to rent a few more videos later. WhileA man approached them in the store and claimed that he couldn’t return home. HeThe man asked the girls to take him on a ride, and even offered them $20 as an incentive.

InitiallyBoth girls were apprehensive about getting in the car with strangers, but they eventually agreed to go. ElizabethNoting how she had learned how to help all in need, Although the man’s behavior seemed normal before he got into the car, he kept changing his directions, which made the girls suspect something fishy. UltimatelyThey were afraid for their lives and asked the man to leave, but soon things took a dark turn. AllAll of a sudden, the man pulled out a gun and forcibly took control. BrandiTo keep driving.

OnceThey reached an isolated area just outside of the town, where the assailant tied their hands. Brandi’s hands to the steering wheel using sneaker laces before dragging ElizabethOut of the vehicle All BrandiCould only watch in horror as he was stabbed ElizabethTo kill her, I slit her throat thrice. WhenThe police found ElizabethThey noticed that her throat was so severe that she almost had to be decapitated. BesidesFurther medical examination revealed that the victim had been repeatedly stabbed in the back and scalp.

Who Killed Elizabeth Reiser?

AfterMurder ElizabethIn cold blood, the man returned the vehicle to the owner and drove it. Brandi HicksTo a railroad line above the Tuscarawas River. HeThen he dragged her into a abandoned railroad car and tried force her to do the same. WhileMurder ElizabethThe killer had already broken his knife in two and tried to strangle his second victim using a sneaker lace. HoweverIn a desperate attempt to save her life she contacted the police. BrandiIt was a great decision to just play dead.

Where Is Matthew Vaca Now? Update

ConvincedHe had been killed BrandiThe attacker threw her body into a river, where the girl made an immediate escape. SheShe made her way to the hospital and immediately called the police to give them a detailed description. InterestinglyThe show mentioned that a female named Sheila DavisShe also contacted police and claimed her son was responsible. ShePolice are also being directed in this direction Jeff MulinixHe claimed that the man in question was his son. Matthew Vaca, had discussed the possibility of killing a schoolgirl.

Shockingly, Matthew even led JeffTo the place where he was killed ElizabethHe showed him the body of the deceased. UponFurther investigation revealed that police were correct. Brandi’s description perfectly matched Matthew Vaca. BesidesThe show also mentioned that the suspect had a long criminal history and was on probation at the time. Elizabeth’s slaying. ThusArmed with several incriminating witness testimony statements, law enforcement officers were finally capable of arresting and charging them MatthewWith murder.

Where Is Matthew Vaca Now?

Where Is Matthew Vaca Now? Update

OnceProven in court Matthew VacaHe pleaded guilty to several charges including forgery and attempted aggravated killing. AsAs a result, he was sentenced in 2000 to life in prison for murder, with several additional sentences for the other charges. OnOn the other hand, the show mentioned as MatthewHe was serving a sentence for a 1996 conviction that was not related to his parole. His probation was canceled and the judge added 22-and-a-half years to the sentence. Thus, Matthew VacaHe is currently incarcerated at Mansfield Correctional InstitutionIn Mansfield, Ohio.

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