Where is MaveriX Filmed? Netflix Show Filming Locations

Aimed mainly at childrenAnd teenagers, ‘MaveriX’ is an AustralianCreated by Rachel Clements, Isaac Elliott, Sam Meikle. TheThe drama series follows six young motocross riders, who form a team to compete for national titles. They are willing to do their best and will give it all. TitlesThe biggest victory for the group young riders, or not isThe friendships that result from this process.

TheDirtbike races and the drama on the tracks keep viewers engaged in the inspiring, yet personal journey of the racers. TheDry and isolated locations where the races take places and the MaveriXacademy are prominent locations in this fast-paced series. NaturallyThis must have left you wondering about the real locations featured in the sports drama. In case you are looking for the answers, here we’ve got all that you want to know!

MaveriX Filming Locations

‘MaveriX’ isFilmed primarily in AustraliaParticularly in Alice SpringsAnd Adelaide. SinceThe sports series isSet in the home of dirtbike race in AustraliaThat is, Alice SpringsIt allows the storyline to feel more real. ThePrincipal photography for the inaugural season began in apparent. February2021, and possibly wrapped up after two months. May 2021. NowLet us fill you in on the details of the specific locations in the show.

Alice Springs, Australia

TheShow isSet against the stunning backdrop of Alice SpringsThe town’s iconic landmarks are displayed in the Northern TerritoryThis is Australia. The Alice SpringsNamed production house based in the United States Brindle Films isThis series is motocross-centric and was produced by the team. FilmingDuring the filming of the debut series, 400 people were able to find work in the region.

KnownColloquially, as The AliceOr AliceThe town is situated in the country’s geographic center. It isTo home Larapinta TrailWhich isA 223-kilometer long walking track runs roughly along the West MacDonnell Ranges. It isConsidered one of the best walks in the country. OverThe years, the dry scrubby pastureland of Alice Springs has featured in various movies and TV shows, including ‘Pine Gap,’ ‘Sweet Country,’ and ‘Soldier Soldier.’

Adelaide, Australia

AfterFinishing a major portion of filming Alice SpringsThe production team worked for eight weeks to move from one location to another. Adelaide for the final block of shooting for the first iteration of ‘MaveriX.’ HoweverThings went south when the creators were forced to watch a small lake form on their tracks from heavy rain.

Where is MaveriX Filmed? Netflix Show Filming Locations

InAn interview with Screen AustraliaSeries co-creator Sam Meikle shared, “ItWe were soaked for around a day and a quarter, so much that we lost half a day of shooting. If one of the bikes had attached a rope with a surfboard, you could have surfed across that track.” TheContrast between the hot and dusty environment of Alice SpringsThe rains in AdelaideCast and crew members were certainly able to experience it. Nevertheless, Rachel ClementsThey also said that they couldn’t afford overtime. ThereforeThe incredible cast and crew helped the team to wrap filming.

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