Where is Mazoltuv Borukhova Now? Update

In October 2007, Daniel MalakovHe was a respected and well-known dentist in his community. He was shot to death in broad daylight at a park. Queens, New York. TheThe investigation that followed revealed that his estranged wife orchestrated a cold-blooded plot to murder-for-hire. Mazoltuv Borukhova. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: EyesOf a Child’ focuses on the circumstances surrounding Daniel’s slaying and what happened in the aftermath. So, if you’re curious to know the same, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Daniel Malakov Die?

Daniel MalakovBorn in UzbekistanLater, he moved to the United StatesAs a young adult. AccordingTo his loved ones, he was described by them as a talented musician and athlete. DanielAttended dental school New York UniversityAnd then completed an orthodontic program. Columbia UniversityIn New York. TheA 34-year-old opened his own clinic in Forest Hills, Queens.

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AtThe time of the incident DanielHe was estranged with his wife. MazoltuvThe couple had a four year-old daughter. Michelle. On October28th of July 2007, they agreed to meet in a park. QueensBecause Mazoltuvwas supposed to spend the entire day with Michelle. HoweverA man in black leather jacket and a hat walked up to the scene. DanielHe was shot three times in the chest at point blank range and fled. While MazoltuvShe tried CPR, but she was unsuccessful. DanielThe wounds caused death.

Who Killed Daniel Malakov?

A closer look at Daniel’s relationship with MazoltuvShe was an internal medicine specialist and revealed many things that pointed to her. The two met in September2001 DanielAt New York UniversityJust a few weeks later, they were married. December 2001. However, MazoltuvIt was claimed that Daniel’s parents didn’t like her and disapproved of their marriage. EventuallyTheir daughter was born in the following year. Mazoltuv’s mother moved in to help raise the child.

Where is Mazoltuv Borukhova Now? Update

TheThe couple’s relationship began to crumble over time. They often quarreled about how they wanted their children to be raised. Michelle. Furthermore, Mazoltuv’s mother was often critical of Daniel. DespiteDespite attempts by others to mediate, they ultimately decided that separation was the only option. This led to a heated custody battle. Michelle. DuringFamily court, many troubling allegations by both sides made their way into public documents.

While MazoltuvIt was claimed that DanielHad sexually abused her and had previously hit her. Michelle, Daniel said his estranged wife’s family had threatened to kill him. FurthermoreBy 2007, DanielOnly saw Michelle on supervised visits. ButThe court-appointed guardian asked the court to allow them unsupervised visits. Mazoltuv’s presence hindered the father and daughter’s bonding.

ButOn October3, 2007 – A judge ordered DanielTo have full custody is a way to put an end to the vicious custody battle. TheAuthorities later discovered that MazoltuvTelled Daniel’s relatives, “He took my child. It’s already been decided. His days are numbered.” A look into her phone records revealed something peculiar. ThereThere had been many phone calls between her cousin and her distant cousin. Mikhail MallayevDuring the days leading to the murder.

Between October22, 2007, MazoltuvHanded over MichelleTo Daniel, October28.07.2007, when he was shot and killed. There were more than 60 calls between them. MazoltuvAnd Mikhail. TheAccording to authorities, MikhailHe was the triggerman and was paid to kill Daniel. TheInvestigation also revealed Mazoltuv’s affinity to record whatever she did. SheHad even recorded their conversation MikhailOn May 14, 2007. In it, Mazoltuv was heard asking if something could be done “in two months.”

Upon questioning, MazoltuvShe claimed that she had originally planned to purchase a house in the area. MikhailIn Georgia, where he lived. SheShe stated that the recording was made to document her interaction about the same. HoweverAccording to bank records, MikhailTwo bank deposits were made on that day, each of which was just below $10,000 RegardingThe high frequency of phone calls between them. MazoltuvShe gave an explanation and said that MikhailBoth he and his wife were her patients, and all calls were about treatment plans.

Witnesses at the park were able to take a look at the shooter, and were later identified. MikhailFrom a police line-up. FurthermoreWitnesses saw a red-haired woman. MichelleLater identified as Mazoltuv’s sister. TheThe prosecution claimed that MazoltuvShe was late because she tried getting a spy camera to work so she could record the shooting. DuringHer testimony MazoltuvThey claimed not to have seen or heard the shooting.

Where is Mazoltuv Borukhova Today?

Where is Mazoltuv Borukhova Now? Update

FromThe police also discovered that the phone records and financial records were stolen by the police. Mazoltuvmet MikhailAfter the murder, we spoke by phone with him on the following day November 7, 2007. HeWithin days, I had already made deposits of around $20,000 in ten banks accounts. FurthermoreThey found Mikhail’s fingerprints on a homemade silencer found close to the crime scene. UltimatelyIn March 2009, MazoltuvAnd MikhailThey were found guilty in first-degree murder and conspiracy for murder. TheFollowing a month, they were sentenced for murder to life in prison and conspiracy to commit murder to serve a term of 8 1/3 to 25 more years. RecordsIndicate that MazoltuvHe is still incarcerated at 48 years old Bedford Hills Correctional FacilityFor WomenIn Westchester County, New York.

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