Where is Michael Bonnin’s Sister Today? Update

In December 1978, John Wayne Gacy’s arrest was followed by an extensive search of his house. ThisThis led to the discovery of many bodies of young men buried under his property. JohnOver the span of seven years, he had killed at most 33 men. Netflix’s ‘Conversations WithA Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes’ delves into his crimes and features interviews with the victims’ family members. Patti Vasquez’s half-brother, Michael Bonnin, was one the men John killed. OnThe show features her family’s reaction to the tragedy. So, if you’re curious to find out more, here’s what we know.

Who is Patti Vasquez?

PattiHe was just four years old at the time. MikeIt disappeared suddenly in June 1976. AtHe was only 17 years of age at the time. PattiWith whom? MikeTheir father and their mother are Norwood Park, Illinois. SinceShe was only a teenager at the time. Mike was from her father’s efforts to find him. PattiShe remembered going with her father to the police station in search of information. ItThe family thought it was absurd. MikeIt was so sudden that it vanished.

Where is Michael Bonnin's Sister Today? Update
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MoreIt has been more than two years since then. PattiRemember her mother answering a call regarding some information Mike. John Wayne GacyHad been arrested in December1978 in relation to another teenager who was missing, and the police had discovered Mike’s fishing license among his belongings. MikeOne of John’s earlier victims, and his remains were found in the crawl space of his home. By January1979. The remains were confirmed by dental records as his.

Patti’s father, a cab driver, took it very hard. SheHe said it had killed him and he had become an alcoholic. HerFathers often wonder if he could be a better father. Mike. PattiAlso, he was remembered calling Mike’s mother after drinking to apologize and say, “I’m the one who should have died, not Mike. If I’d been a better father, if I had been there.”

Where is Patti Vasquez Now?

ForMany years later, PattiThe story about her brother was kept secret. She continued to use her mother’s maiden name publicly and made a career for herself in radio. However, PattiShe had to make the story public in 2019 when she decided that she would run for the 19th. DistrictThe state house seat is in the Illinois HouseThis is Representatives. AccordingAccording to the law PattiShe was required to use her legal name. Patricia BonninTo run.

Where is Michael Bonnin's Sister Today? Update

Today, PattiAs the host and executive producers of her radio show, ApartShe also serves as an assistant policy advisor and health care liaison for the Illinois State Comptroller. Regarding Mike and his short life, she said, “ItNever seemed fair: there are all these wonderful books about GacyHowever, people are familiar with the names [of his victims]You are not the next victim. NotOnly was Michael’s story not finished, none of it was told. Because I decided to be private about it, I couldn’t share my pain.”

PattiLiving in Chicago, IllinoisWith her husband Steve, and their sons. In2014 was her first year. With Kind Words. ThroughThis company PattiConsultation for healthcare providers HerHer goal was to improve patients’ communication by being more compassionate and aware. She has also done corporate speaking. DuringIn her early years of career, PattiHe was also a stand up comedian.

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