Where is Michael Skakel’s Brother Today? Update

CBS’ ‘48 Hours: The DiaryThis is Martha Moxley’ delves into the brutal murder of Martha Moxley. The15-year old lived in Greenwich, Connecticut, and died on October 30, 1975. InvestigatorsThat is what I learned MarthaWas last seen with her neighbor Tommy SkakelShe was 17 years of age. HeHe was initially considered the prime suspect, but he was never charged with the murder. YearsLater, his brother, Michael, was implicated. So, if you’re wondering what happened to Tommy since then, here’s what we know.

Who is Tommy Skakel?

Thomas Skakelwas born to Rushton Skakel Anne ReynoldsI grew up in a family of five brothers and one sibling. His father, RushtonThey inherited a fortune from their family business and led a comfortable lifestyle in the community. Belle HavenIn Connecticut. OnceIn 1973, his mother passed away. RushtonHired a nanny to take care of the children, and eventually a tutor. Ken Littleton, who had moved into the house on the day of incident.

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TommyWas the last person to see him? MarthaYou were alive at the time. ThenOnly 17 years old Tommy MarthaWe were at the Skakel residence. AccordingTo Martha’s friends, they were flirty with each other and had kissed. TommyInitial statements to authorities stated that he last seen her at 9:30 PM. He then went to work on a school paper. ButPolice discovered that no such homework was given in class at the moment. Years later, TommyDid admit to engaging in sexual activities with MarthaBefore she left, she was back at home.

ButThere was no evidence linking the two at that time. TommyIt is. HoweverThe case remained cold until years later when new evidence was presented. Michael Skakel’s conviction. TommyBecause he was subpoenaed, he was allowed to testify during the 2002 trial. HoweverThe prosecution did not call him to testify. His lawyer said, “He’s here to support hisBrother and show solidarity with his family. His brother isThe greatest crisis of his life is upon him. Tom wants to be here to support him.”

Where is Tommy Skakel Now?

After MichaelAfter being convicted, he tried various legal avenues to get his conviction overturned. InA petition filed in June2012, his lawyers claimed the investigators failed to look at Tommy closely enough, adding, “…he was known to be a habitual liar capable of elaborate deception, that he lied to police officers, psychologists, therapists, consultants, family members, friends, lawyers, and investigators about his activities with Martha MoxleyOn October 30, 1975, and his activities that evening.”

Where is Michael Skakel's Brother Today? Update
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Ultimately, Michael’s conviction was overturned in 2018, and he was a free man. Earlier, Tommy’s lawyer stated that the brothers weren’t as close now, adding, “Geography isYou will find it. TheyLive very different lives But I have no doubt they love each other.” TommyHe was married in 1989. Lenox, Massachusetts.

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