Where is Nichelle Nichols’ Son Today? Update

Nichelle Nichols, the 1960s star who portrayed Nyota Uhura in ‘Star Trek: The Original Series,’ has been the subject of various headlines because of the controversy surrounding her conservatorship. TheSecond episode of ABC News’ ‘Who Do You Believe?’ — titled ‘Protector vs. Predator’ — focuses on Kyle JohnsonHer son, and Gilbert BellShe shares her story with her former manager. So, if you’re curious to find out what happened and where Kyle might be today, here’s what we know.

Who is Kyle Johnson?

Kyle JohnsonTo was born Nichelle Nichols Foster Johnson1951 AtThe time is now FosterHe was a dancer and the couple divorced in the same year. KyleHe also became an actor, just like his mother. isHis best-known performance is as Newt Winger in ‘The Learning Tree’ in 1969. KyleA few other films and TV shows featured him as well as being a musician in 1980s.

Where is Nichelle Nichols' Son Today? Update
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After NichelleIn the 2010s, I had some health issues and ended up in the hospital. KyleThis was in CaliforniaHer mother periodically asks her to help with chores around the house and other errands. ButAfter he had learned that Nichelle’s manager back then, Gilbert BellI was considering getting married. NichelleHe petitioned in May2018 for conservatorship to allow him to make financial and health decisions. Nichelle. AtShe was later diagnosed with dementia.

KyleAccording to him, a large part of the reason he filed for conservatorship is because GilbertTransferred Nichelle’s home onto his name in 2017. AfterThe petition can be found here KyleMoved to CaliforniaTo help Nichelle with her finances; he claimed that his mother was “completely underwater at her own bank.” In January2019: The court appointed KyleAs the conservator Nichelle’s person and estate. ButA few months later, there was more controversy when a video of the incident was recorded by GilbertReleased.

InThe video NichelleIt was said that Gilbert, “I didn’t give permission to have conservatorship over me.” FurthermoreWhen? Kyle returned from an errand and wanted to take her home, she screamed, asking him to “get his hands off of me.” TheVideo led to some questions regarding both Kyle Gilbert. TheThe legal battle between them continued. KyleAccusation GilbertElder abuse KyleThat was the conclusion Gilbert “exerted his undue influence and took control over Ms. Nichols’ assets and personal affairs.”

Where is Kyle Johnson Now?

KyleThen, sold Nichelle’s CaliforniaProperty in August2021, she will be moving to New MexicoHe lives in, where he has been married for more than 20 years. He said regarding the proceedings, “What I’ve been through, I feel, has not served my mother well, though I’m grateful for the decisions that have been made through the court. I’m looking forward to holding him (Gilbert) accountable and, foolish or not, demanding justice and ensuring that my mother is well-cared for and comfortable for the duration of her time here with us.”

WhileIt isIt is unclear what KyleHe is currently not working, but he did once host a liberal radio station in the early 2000s. HoweverIt was forced to go off-air due to a loss in advertising revenue. At the time, it was the only liberal program on the station’s radio station amid a flood of right-wing offerings. KyleIn the past, she was also a communications director.

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