Where is Night Sky Filmed? Amazon Show Filming Locations

CreatedBy Holden Miller, ‘Night Sky’ isA sci-fi seriesAn old couple Franklin Irene YorkThey are the only ones who know a secret that they have not shared with anyone. InTheir shed isA portal that leads to a deserted Planet. OverThe place became a haven for them over the years. TheirRoutine isThey are interrupted when they discover a strange man on another side of the portal. They have no idea how he got there.

TheThe show has a fascinating premise and stars such as Sissy Spacek, J. K. Simmons, Chai Hansen, KiahMcKirnan and Adam Bartley. TheThe series is visually stunning isIt keeps the audience interested. FromEvery scene is different, from a barren planet in the distance to a suburban backyard. isset to have maximum impact on its audience NaturallyMany people have wondered where sci-fi is. is lensed. WellWe have the answers for you!

Night Sky Filming Locations

‘Night Sky,’ previously known as ‘Lightyears,’ isThe film was primarily shot in urban and rural areas. IllinoisYou can find them at Chicago, Blue Island, Woodstock, and many other villages. PrincipalSeason 1 of the series’ photography began in June2021 and lasted up to October 2021. Now, let’s get to know more about the locations.

Chicago, Illinois

TheThe city of ChicagoIn Illinois serves as a major shooting location for ‘Night Sky.’ The Cinespace Chicago Film StudiosLocated at 2621 West 15th Plaza, isUsed to capture indoor scenes and sequences of the mysterious planet’s landscape. EstablishedThe studio was established in the heart of the city in 1988. Illinois capital has hosted the production of several shows,Including ‘Chicago Fire‘ and ‘Fargo.’

Blue Island, Illinois

Located in Cook County, Blue Island is one of the locations used by the production crew of ‘Night Sky.’ AdjacentTo ChicagoIt lies to the north of the Windy City. WithIt has a rich history that dates back as far as the 1800s. Blue Island isAn important commercial hub in the area. Several projects have been lensed within this calm and beautiful city, like ‘Source Code‘ and ‘The Rite.’

Woodstock, Illinois

TheThe city of WoodstockIt was also used to capture scenes for the fantasy adventure drama. ServingMcHenry County Seat CountyThe city was originally known as CentervilleBut was renamed WoodstockIn 1845. LocatedThe headwaters of Kishwaukee River, WoodstockMany TV and film shows feature her. Af ew that come to mind are ‘Prison Break‘ and ‘Groundhog Day.’

Other Filming LocationsIn Illinois

The cast and crew of ‘Night Sky’ utilized the beautiful rural landscape of the state of IllinoisTo present to the audience relatable and authentic backgrounds during season 1. SeveralScenes for the show were shot in the well-known villages. Frankfort, Wauconda, Island Lake. ThoughThese villages cover multiple counties. IllinoisThey are very close to the capital of Chicago.

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