Where Is Now and Then Filmed? Apple TV+ Show Filming Locations

Ramón Campos, Teresa Fernández-Valdés, and Gema R. Neira teamed up to create the cerebral multi-layered thriller series ‘Now and Then.’ The storyline of the Spanish-English bilingual thriller follows an all-Hispanic group of college friends, comprising Alejandro, Ana, Pedro, Sofia, Daniela, and Marcos. Their lives drastically change following a celebratory weekend trip when One of the friends winds up dead. After20 years ago, the five remaining college friends receive anonymous texts on phones.

WhileThey hide the truth and try to keep it hidden. WhileThe series tells the story of a thrilling whodunit and also highlights the differences between the youth’s aspirations. andThe realities of adulthood MostAll the events will be revealed in the urban beachfront backdrop of MiamiThis must have made you wonder where the show was shot. InIn that case, let us spill the beans.

Now and Then Filming Locations

‘Now and Then’ is filmed on location in andAround Miami, Florida. PrincipalPhotography seems to have begun in Spring2021, for a few more months. PresumablyThe first season of the series was completed by 2021 and went into post-production. Jacobo Martínez (‘Gran Hotel’) and Daniel Sosa Segura (‘Elite‘) handled the principal photography jointly.

At the same time, Víctor Molero, the production designer of ‘The Irregulars,’ handled the production designing department. FloridaFeatures culturally enriching andYou can find stunning locations and warm tropical weather to attract productions. AlthoughThe state does have a film tax credit program, but it is not a permanent one. January2022: Film, television and television eligible for tax credit up to $2,000,000 and digital media projects. LetLet us now take you directly to the locations where the series was filmed.

Miami, Florida

Most of the show’s storyline unravels in Miami, The temperate andThe touristy city of the Miami-Dade CountyIn the southeast Florida. For the first season’s filming, the cast andCrew set up a base within the city. FollowingThe team was allowed to enter the city but had to quarantine them. andThey found the perfect accommodation overlooking seas. WhileThe cast is a prominent feature of the city. andCrew extensively scanned the surrounding areas.

TheThe production unit was not open to discussing the exact locations where the series is being lensed. HoweverSo, we conclude that some filming occurred in Superblue Miami, a trippy andDreamy art museum located in 1101 North West 23rd StreetIn Miami. WithIts digital art installations and mirror labyrinths, the art museum has enough ingredients to entice even those who don’t actively follow the contemporary art scene.

The iconic filming location for the city is the Rickenbacker CausewayThe mainland of is connected by the. MiamiTo the barrier islands of Virginia Key and Key Biscayne. FurthermoreThe crew also visited Area222 to film parts of the inaugural season, possibly lensing segments in the community parks. Located769 North West 73rd StreetMorning walkers love to visit the park.

SomeScenes also feature the PortOf Miami (stylized as “PortMiami”), a major seaport andIn the heart of the economic revolution is Biscayne BayThe mouth of the Miami River. LastlyThere is a lot of filming in this area. Normandy Island(or the IsleOf NormandyOr Normandy Isles), a neighborhood in the North BeachSection of Miami. SinceIt is isolated from the rest and serves as a backdrop for the filming unit. DueIts vast coastline stretches and round-the-clock nightlife, MiamiIt is considered one of the top tourist destinations in the country.

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