Where is P-Valley Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

CreatedBy Katori Hall, ‘P-Valley‘ is an interesting drama series based on her own play ‘Pussy Valley.’ RevolvingAround the employees of a stripclub in the fictional town Chucalissa, MississippiThe story delves into their personal lives, revealing serious issues and steamy romances. It also highlights the challenges that strip club employees might face on a daily basis. EvenIt is possible to use it, however isThe series, set in a fictional town, has been praised for its catchy writing. It has also received high critical acclaim around the world.

SetA small town in the Mississippi Delta, ‘P-Valley’ isKnown for being a true study of semi-rural areas AmericanLife and its day to day characteristics. StillWith the state MississippiFans have often wondered where the series is going. is filmed. WorryWe are here to help!

P-Valley Filming Locations

AlthoughThe show isSet in a fictional location Mississippiantown, fans would be shocked to learn that all of seasons one and 2 were shot in the city. AtlantaIn the state of Georgia. ItIt was indeed an amazing feat to transform urban surroundings AtlantaEnter the fictional semirural town of ChucalissaWe are therefore very interested in the details of each place. Well, here’s what we found out

Atlanta, Georgia

TheThe most populous city Georgia, Atlanta isIt is well-known for its beautiful architecture, vibrant culture, and great nightlife. RecognizedAs the capital of the state, AtlantaIt offers a wide range of scenery, with everything from a bustling downtown skyline to cozy residential neighborhoods to the vast open spaces. Piedmont Park. HenceIt is no surprise that the city has hosted filming crews for popular productions like ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘The Staircase,’ ‘Ozark,’ and ‘Moon Knight.‘

As far as ‘P-Valley’ isConcerned, the production crew shot mainly on-site and used many indoor and outdoor locations around the city. Sources revealed that while a few scenes were shot near the city’s East PointFilming took place in the SouthwestPart of Atlanta. MoreoverMany reports mention that some scenes from the strip club scenes were shot at locations after season 2 began filming. West Peachtree Street’s Cheetah ClubIn midtown Atlanta. InterestinglyThe entire second season was shot in six months. Filming ended by February 2022.

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