Where is Paul Skinner’s Wife Today? Update

In2010 SkinnerResidence in Yale, Michigan, became the focus of a vicious assault on Paul SkinnerHe and his then-wife. Mara Skinner (now McCalmon). TheMasked intruders attacked the couple multiple times, leading to Paul’s death. While MaraShe survived, but she had to deal avec the fact that their little girl, TiaThe murderer was a man named. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Blood RelativesA Deadly Education’ delves into this very case in addition to Mara’s experience. So, if you’re curious to find out more about Mara, here’s what we know!

Who is Mara McCalmon?

MaraAnd PaulMarried in April 1986. TheyBoth were raised in the same area. Detroit, MichiganThen, he was moved to Yale1992 TheThe couple had two children, a son and a girl. They later adopted another girl. TiaTheir niece,, AtThe incident time MaraShe was a teacher at a middle school in the area. InThe days leading up to the murder TiaAt 17 years old, he began to have disagreements. MaraAnd Paul. She had been dating Jonathan Kurtz, and her parents weren’t entirely convinced that was a good decision.

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Mara later stated, “We had talked about friends that were in his peer group, and that was something I didn’t want her exposed to at all.” SoThis resulted in some restrictions TiaWith her parents asking her to stay at home for a few more nights, or taking her phone away. Things didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary until the night of the attack in November 2012. AfterThe couple went to sleep. Mara woke up with her husband shouting, “Hon! Hon!”

As Marasaw PaulShe was involved in a fight and felt another person on top of her. When Paul turned on the lights, she said, “He(One of the attackers) had a knife and looked like he was going back to stab me. I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, that was it.’ I do remember thinking about my children. I can still remember grasping the knife with my naked hands. ‘You guys gotta go. Jeff’s here.’” JeffOne of their sons was visiting the family at the time. HeLocated in the basement Tia, watching a movie.

Eventually, PaulHe was able to chase away the two intruders. Maradial 911 While PaulHis injuries caused him to pass away. MaraDespite being stabbed more times than 20 times, she survived. InA shocking twist came out of the investigation: TiaThe attack was commanded by mastermind, JonathanHe also has a friend. James PrestonAttacking the couple. MaraThe attack was described in court. All three were eventually sentenced to life imprisonment.

Where is Mara McCalmon Today?

InThe months following the attack were MaraLiving with her brother, she was constantly afraid of someone breaking in. She later remembered, “MyIt was quite normal. I have never experienced anxiety or depression. AfterThis made me hyper-vigilant. I always thought someone was going to come and get me.” ButWith the support of loved ones and counseling MaraIt was possible to get better over time.

Where is Paul Skinner's Wife Today? Update
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AtOne point. MaraMoreover, he was suicidal. ButShe remembered to reach out to help. She added, “I was in a completely dark, dark spot. I wasn’t thinking, but I did have that in the back of my mind. I called my counselor. He took me to a hospital, where I spent a couple of hours. [of] weeks. But that’s a good thing.” Maraeventually, began to work alongside the St. Clair County Victim’s Rightsoffice MichiganP.S. You’re My Hero, a nonprofit.

TheThe money raised by an annual walk/run was used for comfort rooms and a therapy dog, as well as counseling packages. RegardingAs an advocate, her work is greatly appreciated. Mara said, “What we’re doing is what can we do to help the next family, or to make this a little easier journey for the next victim.” SheRemarried in 2014, currently resides in Port Huron, MichiganWith her husband. Mara isA grandmother organizes the annual walk/run for the non-profit.

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