Where is Rachel Owens’ Ex-Husband Today? Update

DuringThe early morning hours of December18th of April 2014: An intruder broke into a house in Saco, MaineHe fired at two people and tried to get at a fourth. TheThe authorities discovered that among the injured was Rachel OwensUpon further investigation, it was found that the intruder had been her husband. Gregory Owens. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Intruder’ focuses on the possible reasons behind Greg’s attack and what happened in the aftermath. So, let’s find out more then, shall we?

Who is Greg Owens?

Greg OwensServed in the ArmyRetired as a sergeant major, in addition to being an expert marksman. HeBeen to many different places before finally settling in. Londonderry, New HampshireWith his wife of 36 year, he is Rachel. InThe time leading to the incident Rachelwas diagnosed with dementia and GregShe was taken care of. On December15, 2014, a family friend Carol Chabot, came to pick up RachelYou can stay for a few days at her place. RachelYou wanted to escape for a while. GregA break.

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ButA few days later, an intruder broke into the house. Chabots’ home in Saco. AtThe time is now CarolShe and her husband. SteveThe noise was made by a couple who were in a second-floor room. UponAs you enter the hallway SteveA figure was seen in black, wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun. By then, CarolHe was hiding in a bedroom when the assailant tried entering that room. HeHe was unsuccessful, and he went to the other bedroom. RachelIt was asleep. SheThe attacker was then sent to the master bedroom, where he was shot three times.

SteveThe shooter opened the doors and shot through them, hitting him three times. SteveHe was able to call police and they immediately rushed the wounded to the hospital. AtThe intruder broke into the garage door and smashed a glass window, according to the homeowner. ThePolice found several 9mm shells from different years, which were unique. ApartA boot print was taken outside and kept for later analysis.

GregHe was in LondonderryThe authorities approached him at a gas station. HeLater, he was brought in to be questioned and claimed that he had been working most of the night. AccordingTo GregHe only left his home twice: to go to the gas pump and to get coffee. At the time, the police noticed some blood on him in addition to blood on the driver’s side of his vehicle. GregHe said that he had accidentally cut his head from a coffee cup, but later changed it to a glass.

TheAuthorities discovered that for the past six year, GregHad an illicit affair with Betsy WandtkeIn Oklahoma. HeHe would visit her regularly and had informed her that he was about divorce Rachel. HoweverShe threatened to end their relationship when she realized that he might never do so. ThisThis happened only two weeks prior to the shooting. Now, GregHad been named as the main suspect in the incident.

ThenDNA evidence from the garage door was matched GregHe was placed at the crime scene. FurthermoreThe police also found the same type of bullets at the scene. LondonderryHe had his shoes and home in his car, which appeared to match the scene’s boot print. AtThe description of the attacker’s attire, including the clothes washed in the washer and dried in the dryer, was confirmed by the contents of the house. Furthermore, SteveRemember the shooter wearing glasses of the same type he had seen GregTake a vacation and don’t forget the past

Where is Greg Owens Today?

Greg’s defense claimed it would have been difficult for Gregto drive the distance and get home. They pointed to his car not being seen on the highway’s surveillance cameras and his work emails from around that time. However, the police learned that the computer’s clock had been tinkered with, with Greg’s files being accessed at 5:16 AM and not 2:16 AM. HeHe also asked his boss to lie about having a call with him at the time of the incident.

Where is Rachel Owens' Ex-Husband Today? Update

GregIn a trial February2016 in federal court, since he was accused crossing state lines in order to commit the crime. He was found guilty of interstate domestic violence, and using a firearm during or in relation to a crime. GregThe sentence was increased to twenty-years imprisonment and life imprisonment. FederalPrison records show that GregNow 65, he is still being held at the United States Penitentiary, CanaanIn Waymart, Pennsylvania.

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