Where is Rachel Owens’ Son Today? Update

NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Intruder’ focuses on a late-night shooting at a house in Saco, MaineThe attack left two people seriously injured and explores the causes. Rachel OwensWas staying with friends in SacoWhen someone broke into her house and shot her and another individual before fleeing. DespiteYou could sustain serious injuries RachelMuch to the relief and delight of her son, she pulled through. Wayne Owens. He isThe show featured him and he shared his experiences then and talked about how he felt when he learned that his father was responsible. So, let’s find out more about him then, shall we?

Who is Wayne Owens?

Wayne OwensTo was born Gregory Rachel Owens. SinceHis father was in ArmyHe was born in the United States and grew up on various bases around the globe. OnThe show. WayneHe talked about how much he enjoyed that life, being able to travel with his parents and planning trips with them. Eventually, GregAfter retirement, he began working in the private sector. His family settled in. Londonderry, New Hampshire.

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ButOne night in December2014, the OwensFamily was shaken Rachel was attacked at her friend’s house in Saco. SheHad been shot three times, one in the head, resulting to severe injuries. WayneAfter learning about the incident, he recalls having myriad thoughts and driving for three hours to the hospital. Rachel’s condition was critical, and she was placed in the ICU, leaving Wayne worried.

TheDoctors decided to remove the bullet from their bodies. Rachel’s head, and after extensive surgery, her vitals stabilized. WayneHe was relieved, and continued to make frequent trips to the hospital to keep Mom company and assist her recovery. InThe authorities tried to identify the shooter in the interim. The investigation’s findings pointed in Greg’s direction, shocking Wayne Rachel.

ItIt was revealed that GregHe had been having an affair for several years. His double life finally caught up with him when his girlfriend confronted and asked him about divorcing. Rachel. ThatThe shooting was triggered by physical and circumstantial evidence Greg’s way. OnThe show. WayneHe spoke out about not being able comprehend that reality and felt like it was something he was denying for a long period.

Where is Wayne Owens Today?

Ultimately, though, GregHe was sent home for life to assist with the shooting. AfterThe sentencing WayneTalked about his father, calling it a narcissist who was unable to accept responsibility for his actions. He added, “I think he deserves it very much for what he’s done. Words can’t really express how I feel right now just because I’m happy. But I’m sad at the same time.” After RachelShe was discharged from the hospital and she lived with her mother. WayneHis family and him in Rhode IslandFor a while.

Where is Rachel Owens' Son Today? Update
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But over time, he couldn’t properly care for his mother while also working full-time, leading to her being placed in an assisted living care facility. ItIt was a great decision as her condition improved. However, WayneThe family had to deal with the high cost and hoped for a state funded bed soon. Currently, WayneLives with his family in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The ArmyVeteran is now a network engineer for a company that makes traffic control equipment. He isHappily married with a son, and a girl, and as of November2020: They were expecting a 3rd child.

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