Where is Rise’s Francis Antetokounmpo Now?

TherePeople must make many sacrifices to ensure a better quality of life for their loved ones. In Disney+’s ‘Rise’, we see the story of a couple, CharlesAnd Veronica AdetokunboThey leave their home to seek work NigeriaTravel all the way to GreeceTo give their children a better future. LifeEach country has its own challenges and the couple must face failure and disappointment in every situation. EventuallyTheir hard work pays off and their children live a successful life.

WhileThere were many compromises they had to make. GreeceTheir greatest loss was before they started their journey. They were about to leave a few months earlier. LagosThey had a son. TheyYou knew that taking a newborn on a difficult journey would be risky. So, after weeks of going back and forth on it, they decide to do what’s best for their child. TheyLeave their son FrancisHe is with his grandparents.

TheFilm shows us CharlesAnd Veronica’s life with their four sons who are born in GreeceBut what about the eldest? Howdid FrancisWhat will you be? Here’s all you need to know about him.

Where is Francis Antetokounmpo Now?

WhenThey left him behind. CharlesAnd VeronicaThey hoped to reunite soon enough with their oldest son. Though they got to see each other through video calls, they didn’t get to be in the same room with him until twenty-five years had passed. LivingUnder the care of his grandparents FrancisHis upbringing was different from his siblings.

WhileHis brothers were interested in a career as a basketball player. FrancisHe has explored other avenues. ApartApart from his athletic pursuits, he is also passionate about music, something he shares in common with his mother. He released his first single ‘Shekosi’ in July2020 under the stage title Ofili. BornAnd raised in Nigeria, FrancisHe feels a deep connection to his roots. This reflects in Ofili, a name for Nigerian origin. SinceThen, he released several other songs and an EP called “The Last Song”. RiseThis is a companion piece for the movie that tells the story about his family. In 2021, he released a single called ‘Like Giannis‘, which talks about his brother’s rising career in basketball.

BelongingTo the Adetokunbo family, Francis isA very athletic person, too. HeHas played semi-professional basketball, keeping up with all the tradition AdetokunboBoys earn a name within the game. He isHe is, however, best known for his career as a soccer player. The6-foot-5 tall, the athlete played in the midfield. NigeriaAlso available: Greece. HeHas played for GreekAE is a football club SpartiAnd Aittitos Spaton. HeIn 2019, she left the former.

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