Where Is Robert “Chad” Bridges Now? Update

ResidentsOf Cleveland County, North CarolinaWe were stunned when we found out. Myla OaksShe and her husband. JeffA gunman attacked them in broad daylight. TheAttack resulted in Myla’s death, while JeffThe jaws of death were removed from my life, but I was able to recover. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Fear Thy Neighbor: Rural Madness’ chronicles the horrifying murder and shows how an efficient police investigation was able to bring the perpetrators to justice. Let’s take a detailed look at the crime and find out more, shall we?

How Did Myla Oaks Die?

Myla OaksYou resided in Cleveland County, North CarolinaWith her husband JeffTheir 12-year-old son and a mother. PeoplePeople who knew the family said that they were great people and were well-respected in their community. MylaHe was described as a lively, down-to-earth person who loved helping others and was always happy to greet everyone with a smile. LifeIt seemed like everything was going well for the happy family. However, people didn’t know about the terrible tragedy that was about come to their lives.


On January27th of June 2016, police officers received a call regarding a shooting in Mann Court, Cleveland CountyTwo people were seriously injured by the incident. OnceWhen first responders arrived at the crime scene, they discovered that MylaAlthough she was close to death from her injuries after being shot twice in each head, she managed to survive. Jeff OaksHe was alive and authorities immediately transferred him to a local hospital. OnOn the other hand, MylaHe was also taken to a hospital, but was declared dead upon arrival. LaterAn autopsy revealed that she had suffered one gunshot to the head that claimed her life. Interestingly, the police later learned that the couple’s son was present on the scene and had witnessed the murder with his own eyes. HoweverHe managed to escape the bloodbath, and he was able to board his school bus safely.

Who Killed Myla Oaks?

Although the crime scene did not provide a lot of leads to the police, they sat down for several interviews with the victim’s acquaintances and learned that Jeffwas involved in a property dispute with another person. TheConflict had been ongoing for a while, and people feared that it would become ugly. UnfortunatelyBoth of their worst fears came true when they were both together Myla JeffThey were shot and their loved ones immediately suspected that they had a hand in the incident.

Where Is Robert “Chad” Bridges Now? Update

ThroughThe police investigated and discovered that the man in dispute was a man named Robert “Chad” Bridges. Interestingly, RobertWitnesses even said that he was present at the crime scene and witnessed him engage in a dispute with another witness. Jeff Oaks. TheAuthorities used eyewitness statements to help them create a timeline. JeffHis son drove him down to the end of The Mann CourtGravel road to board school bus. He got into serious altercation Robert.

TheShow that even JeffAttempted to block Robert’s car with his own, but the latter rammed his vehicle into Jeff’s, leading to the quarrel. Subsequently, Jeff OaksHe asked his wife. MylaTo support his argument, he would need your support. Yet, RobertHe had other plans and, brandishing a gun in his hand, he fired at them, leaving them severely injured. UltimatelyThe witness statements and circumstantial evidence were sufficient to warrant an order of arrest. Robert “Chad” BridgesHe was charged with Myla’s murder.

Where Is Robert “Chad” Bridges Now?

Where Is Robert “Chad” Bridges Now? Update

WhenProduced in court Robert BridgesHe did not plead guilty and maintained his innocence. HoweverThe jury refused the verdict and convicted him of second degree murder, first-degree attempted killing, shooting into an unoccupied vehicle and assault with a deadly instrument with intent to kill. AsAs a consequence, he was sentenced to 65 years and 4 months in prison in 2018. He is still in prison at the Alexander Correctional InstitutionIn Taylorsville, North Carolina.

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