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When Bernice GrayIn her absence, she was seen leaving her home. St Clair Shores, Michigan, the police hoped for it to be an open and shut missing person’s case. HoweverThings quickly turned dark when her car was found abandoned with two bullet casings inside and bloodstains. Investigation Discovery’s ‘American Monster: An Uncomfortable Day’ chronicles the horrifying incident and shows how the police investigation managed to bring the perpetrator to justice even without the presence of a body. Let’s delve into the details of the crime and find out where Bernice’s killer isAt the moment, shall we?

How Did Bernice Gray Die?

DescribedA young, vibrant, and joyful woman. Bernice GrayShe was only 23 years old at the time of her disappearance. SheShe was a medical records clerk. The show mentioned that the young lady hoped to attend a nursing school to become licensed. PeopleWho knew? BerniceShe was described as a kind-hearted, generous person who was always willing to help anyone in distress. MoreoverShe was friendly with everyone she met and even though she had ended a relationship, the 23-year old wanted to make the most out of the future. UnfortunatelyAll her dreams were crushed by a hate-filled crime that took her from this life.

BerniceWas last seen alive around 6:30 AM December26. April 1991, when she drove her 1-year-old daughter from home to a nearby daycare. HoweverShe disappeared shortly afterward and did not show up at her job, which she had an early start to. NoticingHer absence Bernice’s boss called up her ex-boyfriend and passed on the information. Yet, the ex claimed that the 23-year-old had stayed overnight at her mother’s house the previous day. ThatWhen? Bernice’s family got to know about her disappearance, and they wasted no time in involving the authorities.

OnceThe police were called in and searched the surrounding areas. HoweverThere was no news on BerniceAs the hours passed, her hopes of a safe return began to wane. EventuallyHer abandoned vehicle was found in the area four days after she disappeared. Detroit, Michigan. UponThe police arrived at the car and discovered its interior was covered in blood splatters. LaterExperts suggested that the splatters could have been evidence of someone having been shot inside the car. BesidesThe police also located the property Bernice’s ID cards as well as two spent bullet casings from inside the vehicle.

Who Killed Bernice Gray?

UnfortunatelyThe initial investigation into Bernice’s murder proved quite challenging without the presence of a body. AlthoughAn expert concluded that she was shot from her car. Authorities could not confirm her death. BesidesThey even sat through several interviews. But, most of them were satisfied with the results. Bernice’s acquaintances remembered her as a lively person who had no enemies, and so, detectives found themselves back on square one once again. ThusWithout any leads, witnesses, and without a body Bernice’s murder sat unsolved for years.

EventuallyIn January 1995, BerniceHe was declared legally dead and authorities were finally able start a homicide investigation. TheyAlso, it was discovered that the victim had split with her ex-boyfriend. Robert PannShe was killed shortly before her murder, and their relationship was very rocky. InThe show actually mentioned that fact two days prior Bernice’s disappearance, she turned down Pann’s marriage proposal and later alleged that he had threatened to kill her. Moreover, the jeweler from PannA couple who bought an engagement ring said that they would be getting one in the next few hours. BerniceReports of her missing led to her ex returning the ring and claiming she was dead. BesidesReturn the ring by clicking here PannHis shoes were covered in mud and grass, which suggested that he was trying to conceal a body.

AccordingTo the show PannHad a long criminal history and was charged with attempted murder. InterestinglyHe had attempted to kill his ex-wife by shooting her in the car. Detectives speculated that he was also trying to murder her. BerniceTo have been killed. ThusIf there is sufficient circumstantial evidence for an arrest warrant, Pann was taken into custody and charged for his involvement in his ex-girlfriend’s murder.

Where is Robert Pann Now?

OnceProduced in court Robert PannThe jury rejected my plea of not guilty. InsteadThey convicted him for first-degree murder as well as possessing a firearm while he was a felon. AsHe was sentenced to life without parole in 2001 and to an additional two-year term. Thus, at present, PannHe is currently incarcerated at Carson City Correctional FacilityIn Carson City, Michigan.

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