Where is Robert Piest’s Friend Today? Update

In December1978, the sudden disappearance and death of teenagers Robert PiestThe landmark investigation that led to the arrest of a serial killer was then followed. John Wayne Gacy’sArrest. Netflix’s three-part docuseries ‘Conversations With a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes’ focuses on John’s life and crimes and delves into the circumstances leading up to his arrest. Dr. Kim Byers-LundWho was it? Rob’s friend, co-worker, and one of the last people to have seen him alive, recollects what happened on the show. So, if you’re curious to find out more, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Dr. Kim Byers-Lund?

KimAt 17 years old, he worked in a suburban pharmacy. Illinois1978 WhileShe was a 15-year-old clerk. RobRestocked shelves On December11, 1978, a freezing night KimBorrowed Rob’s jacket because she had forgotten hers; the constant wave of people coming into the store meant she often felt cold working in the front. AtSome point KimThe receipt was then placed in the jacket pocket. KimLater, she recalled that she initially tossed it away, but then decided to save the item for some unspecified reason.

Where is Robert Piest's Friend Today? Update

TheThe receipt would be an important cog in the overall operation John’s investigation. KimRemember JohnYou can come into the store to inquire about a contracting job. December 11. SometimeThat evening, he went along RobTo talk about a summer job, he would like to go back. ItThe last time the teenager was seen was in December. Once Robwas reported missing, authorities looked into the matter and discovered who had visited the pharmacy. John.

The police checked John’s criminal history and found that he had been convicted of sodomy in 1968 in Iowa. SoonHe became a person-of-interest, but he had denied speaking to him. Rob. HoweverDuring a superficial search of his home, he found this: Norwood Park Township, IllinoisThe photo receipt was discovered by investigators in the trash. Kim’s name on it. ThisIt was proven. RobHe was present in the home and helped to create a search warrant. ThenPolice found more than 20 bodies of dead people buried in the area. John’s crawl space, leading to his eventual conviction.

Where is Dr. Kim Byers-Lund Now?

While JohnHe dumped most of his victims, and buried them on his property. Rob’s bodyIn the Des Plaines River in Illinois. TheIn the area were discovered remains April1979. KimThen, he testified at John’s trial. LaterShe spoke about how that experience influenced her parenting style. AsA mother to three daughters and a boy KimShe taught her children to never trust strangers. SheI urged them to fight back if they were taken.

Where is Robert Piest's Friend Today? Update

KimNow, she is a doctor in her own private practice. Coronado, California. ApartFrom that point, she was a lieutenant-colonel in the US Army ReservesFor more than eight years. Since then, KimHe has been on many humanitarian and operational missions, as well as providing medical care. AfghanRecent evacuees as part of Operation Allies Refuge. KimShe also had to deal with many hardships in her early years, such as dealing with cancer. But, she seems to be doing much better. FromWe can tell that the grandmother is now living in California.

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