Where is Selena + Chef Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

DevelopedBy Aaron Saidman, HBO Max’s ‘Selena + Chef’ isA unscripted cooking program hosted by Selena GomezWho was inspired by her time in quarantine and began cooking more often at home. InThis show features the star actor and singer who works with professional chefs to prepare new dishes. ApartApart from the recipes, they also include other important aspects of cooking, such specific tips and how to deal with different types of disasters in the kitchen.

JustEach chef suggests a dish for their episode. They also choose a charity, which is often food-related. TheShow then donates a substantial $10,000 to this charity. FansThis is SelenaThe show is a popular choice for viewers who are interested in cooking shows and want to see the star using knives and utensils instead of a microphone. MoreoverThe beautiful and clean kitchen space of Selena’s home makes one wonder where the cooking show isFilmed in fact. WellLet us provide all the details about the same!

Selena + Chef Filming Locations

‘Selena + Chef’ isFilmed in its entirety in CaliforniaSpecifically, in Los Angeles County. SinceThe show was inspired by Selena’s own experience during quarantine, the show makers wanted to document the series in a very real, unscripted, and unrehearsed way. MoreoverFilming is done in strict safety and health protocols. No crew member is allowed to be present in the kitchen. Selena. In fact, the crew members are regularly tested for the virus, wear masks all the time, and don’t come in direct contact with her or anyone who isYou are kept with the singer. Now, let’s talk about all the specific locations where Selena cooks some delicious dishes!

Los Angeles County, California

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Selena + Chef’ are lensed in Los Angeles CountyThe most populous county in the country is CaliforniaAnd in the United States. ForThe first three seasons. SelenaThe rest of her production team set up camp in her Los Angeleshome, which isFound at 4600 Encino Avenue. Oncebelonging to the late rockstar Tom Petty, the house’s kitchen makes for a perfect site for taping a cooking show such as ‘Selena + Chef,’ with aesthetic white-tiled walls and plenty of storage space.

ForThe cast and crew of the fourth season decided to change the scenario as they traveled to MalibuThe beach city of, in the Santa Monica MountainsRegion of LA County. InThey used a luxurious lifestyle. MalibuMansion located in 30760 Broad Beach Road. Many of you might recognize the house from the famous ‘Hannah Montana’ series as it isThe same house where Miley StewartShe and her family lived. InThe setting of this particular house pays tribute to the artist in a unique way. Selena’s guest appearance on the DisneyShow as pop star Mikayla, Hannah’s rival. SomeAlso, exterior scenes were taped between Los Angeles MalibuAs SelenaOthers drive to the new home for season 4.

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