Where is Shaunna Dodd Now? Update

A 911 call about a break-in prompted authorities to rush to the scene BradAnd Shaunna Dodd’s home days after Christmas2012. While ShaunnaHe was unharmed. BradHe was found dead in his bedroom. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Diabolical: When All Else Fails’ chronicles how the police methodically ruled out a burglary through witness statements and physical evidence, leaving ShaunnaAs the only suspect. So, let’s find out what happened then, shall we?

How Did Brad Dodd Die?

Brad Allen DoddBorn in CaliforniaIn November 1975. HeMoved to NevadaAt the age of 15, I began to paint. Bradmet ShaunnaWhen she was in highschool, the two began to date. ByShe was a full-time mom when she turned 23. TheA couple lived in Washoe Valley, NevadaTogether with their two children, AlisonWho was it? Brad’s cousin; they were her guardians.

At around 12:35 AM on December29.12.2012, a distraught ShaunnaShe called 911 to report that someone had broken in to her home. DuringDuring the call, she mentioned that Brad was the only one who didn’t make it out of their residence. InsideThe 37-year old was found dead in his bed by police. BradA gunshot wound was found in his neck back, and another in his right rear skull.

Who Killed Brad Dodd?

AsPer the show ShaunnaInitial statements to police stated that she went to bed around 10:30 PM, but she heard something a few hours later. While BradShe was still asleep, so she went to investigate the noise. As ShaunnaShe walked to get her pistol. AccordingAccording to her, the intruder stole a black jewelry case and a few marijuana bags before leaving.

Where is Shaunna Dodd Now? Update

ShaunnaThen, rush to Alison’s room, and they both left the residence before calling 911. Her two kids weren’t at home at the time of the incident. The evidence at the scene, though, didn’t seem to line up with her story. There were no signs of forced entry at the house or footprints in the snow outside, indicating there wasn’t an intruder. AsThe show revealed that authorities were then informed of rumors about the incident. ShaunnaAn affair with one the patrons of the bar where she worked in the bartending department.

SoonThe perfect marriage veneer began to crumble. OtherWitnesses spoke out about the couple’s constant argument. ShaunnaSpending more and more time at bars. Then, LaVeta Dudley, Shaunna’s boss, came forward with important information. AccordingTo the show ShaunnaShe called her after Brad’s murder and told her about leaving a bag in her driveway. LaVeta didn’t open it or ask what was in it, but ShaunnaYou asked her to dispose it. ButLaVeta asked LaVeta what had happened. ShaunnaShe snapped.

Then, AlisonAlso, he spoke with the police and shared his story Shaunna’s plans. InIt was mentioned in the episode AlisonThe police were notified about the incident. Dodds’ crumbling marriage. SheTalked about BradThreatening to take the children away if they don’t comply ShaunnaConsider a divorce. Furthermore, AlisonIt was stated that ShaunnaShe wanted to get rid her husband. AlisonShe admitted that she once crushed some pills into Brad’s drink, which was Shaunna’s idea. But Brad didn’t have that drink because someone visited that night.

Where is Shaunna Dodd Today?

EventuallyAccording to authorities, ShaunnaI had been planning to get rid. BradFor months, he had tried to hire someone to murder him. ThePolice also located the bag LaVeta referred to, which contained a treasure chest of evidence. ApartFrom the marijuana bags, there were rubber gloves inside as well as a gun that was later discovered to be the murder weapon. FurthermoreTesting revealed that Shaunna’s DNA was present on the gloves.

Where is Shaunna Dodd Now? Update

In October 2013, ShaunnaThe defendant, who was 32 at the time, was convicted of first-degree murder. TheFollowing a month, she was sentenced for life without parole and for an additional 20-year term on a weapon improvement. PrisonAccording to records, ShaunnaIs still in prison at the FlorenceMcClure Women’s Correctional CenterIn Las Vegas, Nevada.

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