Where is Shawna Hawk’s Mother Today? Update

FebruaryThe 19th of November 1993 was forever etched in the collective memory Sylvia Denise Sumpter. OnShe learned that her daughter was, Shawna HawkIn their apartment, he was found dead. Charlotte, North Carolina. MoreA year later, serial killers still exist Henry Louis WallaceShe confessed to her murder. ABC News’ ‘20/20: LockThe Door Behind You’ focuses on the horrific case and features an interview with DeeHe has since started a non-profit organisation. So, if you’re curious to find out more, here’s what we know.

Who is Dee Sumpter?

AtThe time of the incident DeeShe lived with her 20 year-old daughter. Shawna HawkIn an apartment in Charlotte. ShawnaA paralegal student at the local community college, I worked at a Taco Bell restaurant. On February 19, 1993, DeeReturned home, but noticed Shawna wasn’t there. HoweverHer coat and purse were in a cupboard. SheChecked with Shawna’s boyfriend, who hadn’t seen her either.

Where is Shawna Hawk's Mother Today? Update
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DeeShe thought it was unusual that her daughter had left without her coat, purse, and shoes. WorriedShe called the police to file an missing person report. TheBoyfriend, who came to comfort Dee, walked around the house looking for something and found it. ShawnaIn the bathtub in the downstairs bath. Shesubmerged in water. FirstResponders rushed the young woman into the hospital but she was declared dead at the scene. AnAn autopsy revealed that ShawnaShe was strangled and killed.

TheAuthorities were eventually led. Henry Wallace, Shawna’s manager at the restaurant. HenryLater, he confessed to having stopped by her house and talked for a while. AsHe was leaving. ShawnaHe was hugged, and he was then HenryHe told her he wanted to sex with her. InThe bedroom was where they performed oral sex together before having sex. HenryThe police were informed by the informant that ShawnaI was afraid and I was crying all the time.

Then, HenryAsk ShawnaTo put on clothes and take her to the toilet. ThereHe choked the 20 year-old and filled her bathtub with water before putting her in. HenryAlso, she confessed to taking money out her purse. LaterHe even showed up at Shawna’s wake, which angered Dee. She said, “This isA bold demon like never before. He had the literal gall to show up at a service for someone that he knew he personally killed.”

Where is Dee Sumpter Now?

Dee was devastated by her daughter’s loss and believed the police could have done more during the investigation. She said, “For some unknown reason, they just couldn’t connect the dots. ThereIt was not an indicator of care. This isThis is where the racial inequalities are. Obvious, obvious connections… in my humble opinion, blatantly ignored.” After her daughter’s loss, DeeA nonprofit organization called MothersOf Murdered OffspringTogether with two other people. ThisThe organization aims at helping the families of those who have lost their lives to homicide.

Where is Shawna Hawk's Mother Today? Update
Image CreditABC News

ApartSupporting grieving families is the best way to help them. MothersOf Murdered OffspringProgrammes were created to prevent violence. While Dee isn’t as actively involved in the organization anymore, she still supports it. Dee added, “I just wanted mothers to come together and join our forces and our hearts. NotWe should not allow anger and violence to control our lives. Sometimes, I fight for my breath. I fight to be here living right now.” She still lives in CharlotteShe is a receptionist at a local Church and spends time with her family.

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