Where is Shepherd Filmed? Movie Filming Locations

WrittenDirected by Russell Owen, ‘Shepherd’ isA BritishHorror movie about a widower. Eric BlackAfter the recent death his wife, a pregnant and allegedly adulterous woman, Rachel. ToGet rid of the recurring nightmares RachelHe begins to work as a shepherd in a desolate area. Scottish island. However, things don’t go as planned as EricHe is confronted by a powerful supernatural force that drives him insane.

TheThe story is captivating and mysterious, keeping viewers guessing until the very end. MoreoverThe island’s dark landscape adds a sense to foreboding and eerieness that elevates the horror element of the film. SoWe are happy to answer your questions about the locations featured in the movie.

Shepherd Filming Locations

‘Shepherd’ was filmed in Scotland, England, WalesParticularly in the IsleOf Mull, Glasgow, Dumbarton, Essex, North Wales. TheThe fact that most exterior scenes were shot in the outdoors. ScotlandIt makes the narrative feel real and more haunting. TheAccording to reports, principal photography began for the horror drama in 2008. February 2019.

TheThe filming process’ first half was done in ScotlandAlthough the production went smoothly, it seems that the COVID-19 pandemic hampered the production for quite some time. ThisPerhaps that is why filming ended in August 2020. Now, let’s navigate through the places that lend an eerie ambiance to the storyline.

IsleOf Mull, Scotland

TheProduction team went to the IsleOf Mull AKA MullTape most of the outdoor shots to be used in the horror film. TheThe second-largest isle in the Inner Hebrides isIt is surrounded by many mountain ranges making it a beautiful location for filming. Ben More isThe highest peak is almost 966m (3,169 feet) SomeThe gigantic peak was the perfect place to capture pivotal sequences.

InDirector in the early 2022 Russell OwenIt was revealed that the original plan was not to film at Pinewood StudiosIn South WalesThey searched for the perfect location and found it. WalesIn vain. He explained, “I drove all the way round, the wrong way, couldn’t find anywhere suitable, then turned a corner and saw the Benmore EstateIn MullIt was on the opposite side of a Loch and that was it. I saw the opening shot with the three mountains.” AlthoughAlthough logistical difficulties were present at the location, he claimed it was worth it.

Furthermore, Owen even said, “ItIt was crucial because it [island]Was a part of the film’s cast isSo important, but the island is so important isAlso, a member the cast. We were very lucky, with the weather and things like that, it did pay offIn the end.”

Other Locations in Scotland

AfterShooting MullThe production team travelled to other parts of the country. ScotlandAll inclusive GlasgowAnd Dumbarton. TheThe most populous city Scotland, Glasgow isYou can find it on the River ClydeIn the West Central Lowlands. The BBC filmed the majority of the interior scenes of the horror drama. Scotland StudiosYou can find it at Gooseholm RoadIn Dumbarton. InIt has 18,000 square feet studio space. There is also space for construction. Some notable credits of the studio are ‘River City,’ ‘Shetland,’ and ‘Millie’s House.’

OnOn the other side, Lodestone WorksYou can find it at 14 Meadowbank StreetIn Dumbarton StudiosAnother notable production site is, It isIt was essentially a coworking space and an art studio, but it was used to record a few scenes for the film. InEarly April2019: The cast members and crew finished the ScotlandLeg of filming and moved on to other locations to continue shooting.

Essex, England

ToFilm the underwater scenes in your movie, the facilities are at The Underwater Studio were used. Situatedat Archers Fields, Burnt Mills Industrial EstateIn Basildon, EssexThe studio isThe only purpose-built, permanently filled, and heated underwater film studio. EuropeIt features a removable roof that makes it one of our most popular studios for underwater sequences for TV and movies.

North Wales, Wales

The production team of ‘Shepherd’ also made a short stop in the region of North WalesTo get additional recording done for the horror film. TheRegion isThe production team was surrounded by mountains and valleys which made it a perfect setting for the story. It isHome to the famous Snowdonia National ParkWhich is a popular filming site.

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