Where is Shiloah Te’o Today? Update

‘Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist’ follows the story of Manti Te’o. HeCatfished by Naya Tuiasosopo, who posed as a girl called Lennay Kekua. ItThey started small with trivial conversations and small talks, but as they discovered more common ground, a relationship was formed. ItIt was a tragic end. MantiThis was the result. Lennay had died. The fact that he’d never even met her stood out as a red flag that only revealed its importance much later. InThe Netflixdocumentary, we hear the stories of Manti’s family, including his cousin Shiloah. Where isHe now? Let’s find out.

Where is Shiloah Te’o Today?

HailingFrom Laie, Hawaii, Shiloah Te’o lives in California. He isGet married Alexis Te’o, with whom he has four children. BeingA football player isAs a family tradition Te’o, whose brothers — MalosiAnd Levi— have also gone into the same field; the most notable of them isHis cousin, Manti Te’o. ShiloahTo Brigham Young University, but in his sophomore year, he was dismissed from the team for an “undisclosed violation of team rules.” FollowingHe then went to the Oregon State UniversityFootball team.

Currently, ShiloahServes as the football coach at JSerra Catholic High SchoolIn San Juan Capistrano, California. HeThe controversy surrounding them became the center of attention Manti Te’o and his dead girlfriend when it came to light that he, too, had had some form of communication with her before his cousin got in a relationship with her. GrowingAll together MantiAnd ShiloahThey had a special relationship. Manti’s father, Brian Te’o, said, “MantiAnd ShiloahThey are like husband and wives TheyWe are so close. They’re, like, always talking to each other [by phone] all the time and at all times of the night.”

ItWas watching ShiloahHis brothers and he play football. MantiI was interested in the game. HisHis father was the youth coach at the time. Mantihe wanted to be as good and as smart as his cousin. TalkingThe intense training MantiThrough his young years. Shiloah said: “I remember MantiAlways telling us how his head rang the next day. Uncle BrianHe was banging a pot across his helmet almost for an hour. Trying to tell him, ’Don’t worry, nobody is going to hit you harder than this right now.’” HeThis hard work at a young age is what led to the success that you have today. Manti found later.

It was because they’d been so close growing up and playing together that MantiIt was the beginning of a new era ShiloahWhen he had to verify things Lennay. “Initially when I started to talk to her, obviously, I didn’t see her yet, so I asked other people who knew of her and who had history with her. I reached out and asked my cousin. Shiloah, my first cousin. I asked him if he knew this girl. Lennay? And he said, ‘YeahThis girl is my friend Lennay.’ And I said, ‘Is she real?’ And he said, ‘Oh, yeah, she’s real, bro, she’s real,’” Manti said.

OfIt was, however, not known at the time. Naya TuiasosopoWho was he masquerading as? LennayUse Diane O’Meara’s pictures. NoNo one else has come close to her. MantiShe would end the conversation at the first opportunity of a meeting. So, he didn’t think too much about why he’d never seen her. InThe documentary ShiloahHe stated that he had only limited interaction with Lennay and never meddled with his cousin’s relationships. Beyond this, ShiloahHe has not spoken out about the incident with the media. HeHe prefers to live in peace with his loved ones and stay out of the spotlight.

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