Where is Snowflake Mountain Contestant Today? Update

Netflix’s ‘Snowflake Mountain’ isA survival-themed reality TV show that brings together a group affluent but spoilt young adults. They are required to survive in the wild with only a few essentials. InterestinglyEach participant isTheir families trick them into going to the wilderness camp. They are tired of their daily lives. However, once on ‘Snowflake Mountain,’They can either quit or carry on competing for a $50,000 prize money that will go to the person who develops the most.

Devon Smith was propelled into the limelight through her appearance on ‘Snowflake Mountain’ season 1. Although the New YorkA college student in a -based town claimed that she had never been to a party. She showed great growth and was transformed by the end of the show. Let’s take a detailed look at Devon’s journey and find out where she isAt the moment, shall we?

Who Is Devon Smith?

A native of New York City, Devon SmithHe was 20 at the time of filming. AlthoughShe described herself as a college-going student. DevonAffluent upbringing, I have always lived in luxury. SheIt was mentioned that she is someone who “parties 24/7” and loves to frequent restaurants and bars with her friends. Moreover, DevonShe also revealed that her college grades were not up to par and that she was planning on dropping out. This was something she kept secret from her parents.

BeingAll her life, a city girl DevonShe was out of her element in nature and was on the verge to give up. YetAfter realizing that her co-contestants would not accept defeat so easily she pulled herself together, and was ready to face the music. Interestingly, at first glance, DevonLooked like the person who would be the least likely to survive in nature. YetShe was a surprise to the hosts MattAnd JoelShe is a hard worker and is enthusiastic about her own development.

Besides, DevonAlso, the group had a very positive attitude which was a benefit. HoweverEven with a $50,000 prize on offer, it is possible to win. DevonShe wasn’t ready to abandon her morals, and she held firm to her decision to not take part in the deer killing challenge. Although Devon isVegan, she was polite about everything and didn’t cause any trouble, which was appreciated by the hosts.

Interestingly, SolomonAnd Randy WentworthThey were quite attracted to Devon. ThoughShe distanced herself SolomonAfter he stole food, the New York native got quite close to Randy. TheTwo people quickly formed a wonderful friendship. DevonEventually, however, it was turned down Randy’s advances, much to his disappointment. Nevertheless, she strove to be a team player till the very end and was immensely grateful for the lessons ‘Snowflake Mountain’ taught her.

Where Is Devon Smith Now?

At present, DevonShe has found a new ease in her life. New York CityIt appears that he is living an active, but fun lifestyle. FromIt seems like she loves exploring her city. isFull of the things she holds dear to NYC. MoreoverThe 21-year old has kept her partying lifestyle. isShe is very happy to be surrounded by her family. However, apart from giving her valuable life lessons, ‘Snowflake Mountain’ also helped DevonMake friends for life and we wish her continued success in the years ahead.

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