Where Is Snowflake Mountain’s Runner-up Today? Update

Netflix’s ‘Snowflake Mountains’ is a reality series that depicts what ensues when a set of spoilt 20-somethings are forced to endure the wilderness in the hope it would push them into growing up. FromEverything is important in the production, from the dramatic scenes to the touching self realizations to the result-driven progression. The cast makes this clear at every stage. However, runner-up Sunny Malik was quite different from the rest owing to his relatively calm and quiet demeanor— so now, if you wish to learn more about him, we’ve got the details for you.

WhoIs Sunny Malik?

TheMoment Sunny first came across our screens, he described himself as a “naturally lazy person” who is pretty much a “coaster” as he would much rather stay in to relax than do anything else. HeHe comes from a wealthy family with his sister studying to be a lawyer. Wall Street-bound cousins, Silicon ValleyHe had many working friends, but chose a completely different path. He used to ace his grades throughout high school, but things started to change once he discreetly switched his major in college to a “less intense” one to make life easier, just for it to slip out of control.

Since Sunny obviously liked the comfort, he settled into it before taking up menial jobs with the mindset that he’ll always do what he has to but won’t do anything he doesn’t want to. That’s why he even considered leaving the wilderness-survival retreat within the first couple of days, especially because “there’s bugs everywhere… these people are so loud. This is just not for me.” HoweverOnce he started actively participating, he realized that he could be and can do more. This drove him to continue to work on his attitude and his actions.

WhereIs Sunny Malik Now?

FromTo let go of one’s inhibitions and be optimistic, skinning a deer is a way to make many personal connections and give people second chances without expecting anything in exchange. SunnyIt was all possible. He even climbed a tree as well as a mountain despite his genuine fear of heights, only to be deemed a “silent professional” by the survival experts owing to his pure perseverance. When asked about the one experience that stood out the most to him, though, he replied with the first challenge he enjoyed, “BreakingYou can’t go wrong with that deer. It was definitely something that changed me a lot.”

The Pennsylvania native continued, “If I hadn’t broken that barrier, I wouldn’t have climbed up that tree; I wouldn’t have broken that [wooden]Board [with my palm]. So [the deer] was like my–my catalyst.” SunnySincerely demonstrated remarkable growth when he decided to work on himself. That is why, even though he was on the low end (compared to other people), he was still a finalist and the runner up.

Therefore, we’re glad to report that the 26-year-old has seemingly continued down this new path to achieve wonders for himself. SunnyHe has moved from his childhood home to an apartment. He is currently working in a podcast and documentary. He is extremely passionate about fighting for human right’s protection. We should also mention he refers to himself as a “Hot Dog Joint” on his Instagramprofile and is a loving dog. HuskyAs seen above,

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