Where Is Surfside Girls Filmed? TV Show Filming Locations

CreatedBy May Chan, Julie Sagalowsky Diaz, Alex Díaz, ‘Apple Tv+’s ‘Surfside Girls’ is an adaptation of Kim Dwinell’s eponymous graphic novels. TheAdventure series of mystery series Jade SamTwo best friends are ready to have fun surfing this summer. HoweverThey find themselves in a thrilling adventure when a ghost gives them information about a pirate vessel and a cursed treasure chest.

Though SamBelieves in the existence of spirits and the supernatural JadePeople tend to search for scientific explanations. DespiteDespite their differences in mindsets, the friends work together to solve the mystery. Surfside. Starring Miya CechYaYa GosselinThe series features the lead protagonists as a charming adventure set in beautiful locations at the seaside. Many viewers have applauded the show’s beautiful backdrops which lend to the overall visual attractiveness. If you are curious where exactly ‘Surfside Girls’ is shot, we have your back!

Surfside Girls Filming Locations

‘Surfside Girls’ is filmed primarily in Los Angeles, California. The principal photography for the show’s first season ended on February 6, 2022. ApartThe effects in post-production allow scenes to be as exact as possible from waterside locations. Let’s explore the filming location in a bit more detail.

Los Angeles, California

LocatedOn the shores Pacific OceanThe city of Los Angeles provides several waterside locations that help in the production of ‘Surfside Girls.’ Consider Venice BeachIt is located in the eponymous neighbourhood in the CityThis is Angels. ApartThe stunning view of the ocean makes this a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. ThoseThose who just want to stroll and enjoy the scenery can take a stroll on the promenade running parallel to the ocean.

TheThe beach is also home the Venice Beach Recreation CenterIt allows you to play handball and paddle tennis. OneYou can also play beach volleyball on the many courts that have been made for this purpose. In fact, Venice Beach served as the location for the launch event that was held when ‘Surfside Girls’ first came out. SpeakingSurfing can be done by visiting the Venice BreakwaterJust north of is, a favorite surfing spot Venice Beach. OtherWaterfront locations in and around the city Los AngelesInclude Paradise Cove Beach, Santa Monica State Beach, Huntington City Beach.

The show’s production in LA is sure to have benefitted from the city’s well-developed infrastructure that is mostly based around the entertainment industry. The CityThis is AngelesIt is home to many actors and other professionals that are needed in the making of a television show. AsIt is easy to see how this could be. Los Angeles was chosen as the shooting spot for ‘Surfside Girls.’ Over the years, the city has hosted the production of several other shows including ‘The Orville‘ and ‘Never HaveI Ever.’

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