Where is Suspected Drug Dealer Today? We Own This City Update

‘We Own This City’ centers on Sergeant Wayne JenkinsOther officers of the Baltimore Police Department’s notorious Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF) and delves into many of the unit’s atrocious crimes. The narrative depicts in detail a slew of crimes committed by law enforcement officials and the devastating effect it has on the city’s residents and their relationship with the local police department.

Episode 3 features a particularly tragic episode. A man named Devon RobinsonAfter a GTTF team steals substantial amounts of money from his house, he is likely to face a very shocking fate. There are a lot of real-life details that have inspired ‘We Own This City,’ and in case you were curious, here’s the story of the real Davon Robinson.

Who is Davon Robinson?

Davon Leon Robinson (born June 22, 1985), often called simply “Wooda,” lived with his girlfriend, Lekyla WhitakerThey were joined by their two daughters. Northeast Baltimore. AccordingAccording to reports, he frequently mentioned the shakedowns that he allegedly received from the police. His parents, Yvette KingAnd Richard RobinsonThey claimed that their son was being harassed constantly by them. On April28, 2016, then head GTTF Sergeant Thomas AllersAlong with detectives Momodu Gondo, Jemell Rayam, Daniel Hersl, raided Robinson’s residence and stole more than $10,000.

Where is Suspected Drug Dealer Today? We Own This City Update
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DuringDuring their search of the house, the officers found two handguns. One of them had lost its serial number. RobinsonHe was later arrested on gun-related charges. TheSimilar police report AllersThe cash that was seized at the residence was not mentioned in the alleged approval. ProsecutorsLater, the officers were accused of lying about the report in order to hide the stolen funds.

Where is Davon Robinson Now?

After being arrested, Davon RobinsonHe was released on bail and was later released. July 1, 2016. According to reports, he then drove to his grandmother’s house in West Baltimore. ShortlyAfter 3 p.m., he was shot in the head and chest by a gunman from outside his house. RobinsonHis father was 31 years old at the time of his death. His 4-year-old daughter was also reportedly present at the scene. In all, RobinsonHad three daughters.

A 27-year-old male named Antwon FrasierThe murder charge was brought against him by prosecutors. RobinsonHad been killed over a drug debt that he couldn’t pay. TheThe FBI later learned from his mother that the police officers who had arrested him were the same as the ones who had taken him into custody. RobinsonHad stolen $10,000 in cash. RobinsonWe were desperate to repay our drug debt.

AsA result of Allers and his associates’ robbery, RobinsonHe didn’t have enough money to repay the debt, and was then shot. Incidentally, Antwon FrasierThe man charged with murder RobinsonLater, he was acquitted. However, Thomas AllersMultiple offenses were committed and he was sentenced to 15 year imprisonment. SevenOther members of the GTTF were also detained and sentenced to prison.

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