Where Is Tara Sidorovich’s Sister Today? Update

LivingOne of the most difficult experiences one can endure is the loss of a sibling. Heartbreakingly, Veronica OrdShe was forced to face such a tragic event when she returned home. October1, 2001 to locate her teenage elder sibling Tara Sidorovich, missing. ‘Dateline: The Knock At The Door’ chronicles how the police found Tara’s remains several months after her disappearance and documents how the teen’s death affected Veronica. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the crime and find out where VeronicaIs it at the moment, shall we?

Who Is Veronica Ord?

When Tara Sidorovich went missing, Veronica OrdHe was a high school student. SheYou resided in Punta Gorda, FloridaShe grew up in a close-knit household and was very close to her siblings. TheShow that even VeronicaOften looked up to TaraShe considered her sister her idol. BesidesThe young, school-going student had high aspirations for the future, but had no idea of the terrible tragedy about which their family was about to be hit.

On October 1, 2001, VeronicaAnd her brother. Paul OrdAfter returning from school, they found their house empty when they returned home in the evening. TheyInstantly, I smelled something fishy. After further investigation, I realized that it was. TaraIt was not there. AlarmedThey were worried so they got in touch and within minutes a large group of people arrived at the house. SidorovichBefore entering the area, please make sure you have a house. HoweverThere was no information about the girl who was missing. Tara’s loved ones began fearing the worst once the sun started to set.

WhenAfter the teenager failed to return home on that night, her family reported her missing. AsThe police were called in and used all their resources to search for the suspects. Still, TaraIt was still missing and even a $5000 reward did not get any useful information from the public. FinallyIn July 2002, months after the victim’s disappearance, detectives found a makeshift grave in a wooded area by the side of Burnt Store Road, where they found human remains.

ShortlyThe remains were then identified as Tara’s, and an autopsy determined that she died of blunt force trauma. InterestinglyThe initial investigation into Tara’s murder was relatively challenging, as there were no leads or witnesses. MoreoverBecause some jewelry was missing Tara’s house, the police suspected a robbery but had no evidence to tie anyone to the crime. TheyEven knew that there were two men named DavidMcMannis Phillip BarrHad visited Tara’s house earlier that day, yet there was no reason to suspect them of murder.

WithThe case was not solved and remained unsolved for many years, until a man was named. Michael ArtellIn 2007, detectives were approached and they claimed that Phillip BarrWas afraid of being a suspect. TheThe lead looked promising, so cops started asking around and found many witnesses who claimed that Phillip’s vehicle was spotted near Tara’s house within the timeframe of her disappearance. Moreover, Phillip’s ex-girlfriend also insisted she saw him load a bloodied sack onto his truck, which looked suspiciously like a human body. ThusYou have enough evidence to warrant arrest David PhillipThey were charged with murder.

Where Is Veronica Ord Now?

VeronicaDuring the war, was quite active Tara’s murder trial, her contribution helped convict David and PhillipFirst-degree murder resulted in life sentences with no chance of parole. Interestingly, VeronicaLater, it was mentioned by the judge that after the trial was completed, Tara’s family realized that several people had information about the murder but never came forward, which dragged the case for years.

Where Is Tara Sidorovich’s Sister Today? Update

Since then, VeronicaShe has tried to return to everyday life and was unsuccessful. Tara alive in her memories. SheEven completed an Emergency Medical TechnicianCourse from the Luzerne County Community CollegeAnd previously worked as an a Luzerne County Telecommunicator Dispatcher. Although VeronicaWhile she prefers to keep her whereabouts secret, she seems to be living a life surrounded and surrounded by her loved one. We wish her the best for the next years.

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