Where is the Botanist Today? Update

Although Netflix’s ‘The Future of: Houseplants’ took our breath away with all theThere are many possibilities. theIt was not a simple organism, but an industry expert who captured our attention the most. After all, Tyler Thrasher not only jokingly refers to himself as a “mad botanist” or a “mad scientist” owing to the fantastical things he makes, but he’s also a well-qualified yet ever-curious artist. So now, if you wish to learn more about him, his understandably wild endeavors, as well as his current standing as both a fascinating and fascinated individual, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Tyler Thrasher?

Tyler ThrasherThere has always been more to it theCreative side, meaning theIt was no surprise that he had a passion for art, but also remained committed to science and horticulture. TheHowever, the latter is particularly important. isHe is a large part of who he truly is isHe was especially happy because he grew-up in a natural environment. theArt of cultivating it, in every sense the word. “WhenWhen I was younger my dad owned a plant nursery and took me to work. the weekends,” he once revealed, explaining his career roots. “I had 8-10 massive hoop houses where I could explore.”

Tyler continued, “I had all these plants and nature around me. I looked forward to going, and turned theThe greenhouses became an adventure, where I spent hours hiding among them. thePlants were peeked at customers and employees. AtOne point was that we also lived in tiny living quarters. the greenhouse. ItIt was an unforgettable experience that not many people can have. I loved it and really found my love of plants and horticulture during that time.” ThereforeOnce he graduated from, Booker T. Washington High SchoolHe set his sights on combining his passion and his curiosity about the world. thethe world and his devotion for every art form.

Where is Tyler Thrasher Now?

StillHe is based in his hometown Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tyler isHe is not only an artist and chemist, botanist and photographer, but also proud to be a brother, husband and father. Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. HisOnline platforms show that he was recently employed as the officiant for his brother’s wedding in his backyard (right outside his personal greenhouse). He’s also happily married to photographer/videographer MollyHe shares a son with, Nova. AsFor theHis professional side is his experience. the self-admitted obsessive nature lover maintains he’s still “Just a curious kid making curious things.”

Tyler’s childhood was reportedly abusive, yet that’s one of the reasons he does what he does while grappling with and overcoming his trauma every single day — he wishes to make theThe world is better when he does it his way TheHe is proud of the fact that his past has not hindered him from pursuing his dreams isIt is admirable in and of itself, but theHe has reached incredible lengths. the best possible way.

FromCrystallizing insects to opalizing all, from exploring caves and growing minerals to hybridizing new plants and looking at the stars theThrough a pencil or lens, you can see the world from a new perspective. TylerDoes it all? As if that’s not enough, he even dabbles in electronic music, has released the ‘GrowA Damn’ plant journal (enabling growers to learn, observe, and take notes of their collection), and hosts ‘The Lost Magic’ and the ‘Greenhouse Rants’ podcasts. The Hank GreenDFTBA member-owned fulfillment firm sells DFTBA merch, including t-shirts, crystalized artwork prints, and cicada puzzles.

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